.45 In My Hand Side Mission | Mafia 3

.45 In My Hand is a side mission in Mafia 3. It’s the one given out by Cassandra, in Delray Hollow.
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It involves doing tasks for her in order to increase her loyalty and learn more about her. It cannot be started right away, and there are a couple of tricky points during the quest. In this game, we’re going to show you how to start .45 In My Hand side mission, how to finish it.

In order to begin doing missions for Cassandra, you’ll have to finish the main story quest Emotional Attachment first.

Steal guns from the Dixie Mafia and deliver them to Cassandra

Go to Cassandra’s base in Delray Hollow and talk to her. She’s going to tell you all about her troubles with defending the neighborhood from the other gangs. She’s going to ask you to steal a shipment of weapons from the Dixie Mob. It’s in a truck, parked in a warehouse in the Barclay Mills district. Just follow the waypoint to the map marker. You’ll have to eliminate the thugs guarding it, then take it back to Cassandra. When you reach the drop point, exit the vehicle to end the mission. Simply talk to her and you’ll start the next step.

Steal Dixie gun stash truck

During the next step, the Voodoo Queen will ask you to steal a trucked filled with weapons from a band of hillbillies in the swamp. Just follow the marker, clear the area and run off with the truck. You could try to steal it without killing the guards, but they’ll shoot and possibly destroy the truck. Take it back to Cassandra’s place and talk to her to continue.

Steal police truck

This is the hardest part of the mission. You’ll need to get into a police compound and steal an armored truck from them. You don’t really need to kill anyone – the truck is bullet-proof, so you only need to get inside and drive off. However, the police will chase you. There’s no way to outrun them in this tank-like vehicle. As you turn the first corner, get out of the truck and hide somewhere safe. Once the fuss dies down, go back to the truck and take it to Cassandra.

Rob a weapons warehouse

This step will only unlock after you give Cassandra another district. It will involve stealing another truck, because Cassandra seems to have a thing for them.

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