Silenced Pistol / Gun in Mafia 3 - How to get

Mafia 3 Silenced Pistol is any gun with a silencer you find in the game. Their main advantage is that they let you shoot people without making noise, which makes them perfect for stealth runs.
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On the other hand, they’re weaker and less accurate than normal guns. If you’re patient and know where to look, you can get one for free pretty early on. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get silenced pistol in Mafia 3, quick and easy.

How to get silenced weapon in Mafia 3

The easiest way to get your first silenced weapon, without spending any money, is by taking over your first racket. When you do, you’ll get to choose which one of your underbosses will get to control it. Each one of them will offer a different silenced weapon as a reward if you choose them.

  • Burke – If you select him, you’ll get a Silenced Deacon .22. It’s a small caliber pistol with high accuracy and low damage.
  • Vito – Choosing him will net you the Masterson Semi-Auto (Silenced), a pistol with high damage and low accuracy.
  • Cassandra – The Voodoo Queen will reward you with a Silenced M1N8. It’s an automatic weapon, which means much less accuracy and damage than the pistols, but at a higher rate of fire.
And there you have it. Now you’ve got your first silenced weapon, and you didn’t even have to spend a single dime. If you’re into stealth, you’ll probably be glad to finally give your knife a rest. Your next step should be either getting a fancier silenced weapon from the arms dealer, but that requires a bit of money and some favors. Your other option would be to use the weapon customization system to make the one you already have into a more efficient tool of destruction.

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