Mafia 3 All Endings

Mafia 3 has several endings. Which one you’ll get depends on a choice you make in one of the final missions. Most of them are pretty dark, with tales of betrayal and redemption. Luckily, you can get them all in one playthrough, so you won’t have to start the game over to see the ones you didn’t choose. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Mafia 3 endings, how to unlock them, how to get the best ending.

Note: If you want all three, you should do them in this order: Go away, Rule alone, Rule together. This way you won’t have to reload the game, as the first two will magically return you to the step before you choose.

Mafia 3 Leave Town Ending

After you’ve talked to Leo Galante, you’ll have to go speak with Donovan and Father James. After that, you’ll get an objective telling you to take the throne or leave town. It will give you two markers. Following the one that leads through Frisco Fields will lead out of town. This will honor Lincoln’s original wish to get away from New Bordeaux. He’s had his revenge, now it’s time for a new life, somewhere with greener pastures. After the credits are over, the game will set you back into the city, before you’ve made your choice.

Rule Alone Ending in Mafia 3

During the Before They Bury You quest, you’ll get the chance to either take the throne or get out of town. If you want the throne, you’ll have to go to a sit-down with your underbosses. Just drive to the mansion in the Bayou. When you get the prompt, choose to rule alone and Lincoln will grab a gun and kill all of his associates. If you’ve lost the loyalty of any of them during the game, they just won’t be present at the meeting. That’s the only difference you’ll see if someone leaves your cause. As you enter the car in front of the mansion, it will blow up. Once again, the game will send you back to before you’ve made your choice.

Mafia 3 Rule Together Ending

If you choose to rule together with your lieutenants during the final sit-down, you’ll get to stay in the city after the credits roll. Everything is going to continue as if the game hadn’t ended – except there will be no Sal Marcano to hunt.

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  1. J
    Jim Grinwald

    I’ve actually found another one, though I doubt its intended. After you kill all associates run to the front gate and try climbing out. (You can’t.) Facing the mansion, run to the right side and try to get out those gates also, as well as the gate that leads to the boathouse. As you start running behind the mansion to try the last gate, you should see more cars. Get in the poorest of the vehicles, and it will start without blowing up. (The best of the cars WILL blow up.) You can now bust through the last gate and drive away. No cutscene, the lieutenant you just killed are alive and will continue to kick up to you, and you can drive around still doing damage to bad guys. Father Joe is gone, and so is Donovan. Some of your best perks are gone, though–consiliere, gunsmith and hitsquad.

  2. D

    No. You do not restart from previous decision.

  3. B

    Every one keeps saying that the ending u get with rule alone is the bad ending .. I actually feel its the one intended for the game.

    As somewhere during the game father james said something about he reconised the path Link was taking thats why he did what he did… He stops there… So it seems fitting that he kills link… Like it was ment to happen.. Just something i noticed

    1. F

      Strongly agree with this!

    2. G

      I think the “leave the city” should be considered the true ending. Lincoln wasn’t a “bad guy” and he only did what he had to do in the name of revenge. I like to think after he finished his business he left because he had no plans on ruling he just wanted to avenge his family

    3. F

      That is a terrible ending the ones that are the best are u Rule Together or leave town and let Vito take over

  4. C

    I tried the leave town but it didn’t return me back to before I choose.. When I continue the game all the story missions are gone

  5. D
    David Case

    I respect Lincoln Clay and Vito Scaletta. They are the best Mafia characters of the whole series! That is why I will choose to not kill Vito, Thomas Burke, and Cassandra, leave town, and let Vito run New Bordeaux.

    Sal Marcano just became a member of my personal mafia and gangster villains alongside Wilson Fisk, Tobias Whale, Ricardo Diaz, Carmine Falcone, Keyser Soze, Dimitri Rascalov, Bill the Butcher, Marcellus Wallace, Hammerhead, Tombstone, Big Smoke, Cottonmouth, Diamondback, Bushmaster, Danny Brickwell, Clarence Boddicker, Frank White, Victor Drath, Giuseppe “Papa Joe” Yakavetta, Nino Brown, Sal Maroni, Sonny Forelli, Tobias Church, Martin Madrazo, Tony Montana, Vito Corleone, Alejandro Sosa, and finally Jabba the Hutt.

  6. J

    Well this might be a little late but I think the rule alone ending is the real ending since Donavan mentioned to kill all lieutenants and the old fbi guy kept saying how much of a monster Lincoln Clay but that is just my personal theory
    Ps.Donovan throughout the whole game reminded me of Satan with all the religious themes and how much he laughed at the oddest of times

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