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Elite classes are battle pickups available in Battlefield 1. Just like in the previous games, they spawn at certain locations and can make a big difference, since they are very powerful.
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There are 3 elite classes available in Battlefield 1: Flame Trooper, Sentry and Tank Hunter. Each one has distinctive style and they are very fun to play with. Keep in mind that only one player at a time can use an elite class, and the pickup will respawn a few minutes after that player dies.

elite classes battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Elite Class details

Here are some details about them:
  • The Flame Trooper carries a flamethrower and incendiary grenades. He is also equipped with a gas mask, making him invulnerable to gas grenades. While playing as him, your vision will be a bit obstructed while moving, because you’ll have a mask on. Flame Troopers can deal a huge amount of damage in close quarters, but they can’t reach targets at longer ranges. Avoid long range engagements and try not to burn yourself.
  • The Sentry carries a heavy machine gun with a huge magazine, which increases his ammo capacity. He is also covered in armor plates, so killing him will be very difficult. He moves slowly and you cannot aim down sights – only hip fire will be available. You will be inaccurate at longer ranges, but the Sentry makes up for it with his magazine size. His weakness is that he cannot carry a gas mask, making him vulnerable to gas grenades.
  • The Tank Hunter is equipped with Tankgewehr M1918, a huge rifle designed to destroy tanks. You’ll have to use the bipod or go prone to be able to fire. Each round needs to be loaded manually before firing. You will deal a good amount of damage to enemy tanks, vehicles, planes and even infantry if necessary.
Battlefield 1 is scheduled to be released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide on October 21st, 2016.

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