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Mafia 3 takes place in a huge city. Getting to places requires lots of driving. Since you’ll be spending a big chunk of your time behind the wheel, you’ll probably want to modify your car so that it suits you better. Car customization will allow you to make your car unique, while car tuning will help you get the most out of it. In this guide, we’re going to show you how Mafia 3 car customization works.

Mafia 3 Vehicle Modifications

As soon as you’ve got a foothold in New Bordeaux, you’ll get the option to finely tune your vehicles. Calling for a supply van will allow you to purchase and apply different upgrades, which affect different aspects of your vehicles.

Here are some of the modifications you can install:
  • Suspension upgrade – allows for easier turning
  • Vehicle armor – increases vehicle durability
  • Drivetrain upgrade – increases top speed and acceleration
  • Bulletproof tires – stops enemies from puncturing your tires with bullets
  • Bodykit upgrade – increases speed
  • Supercharger – gives a significant boost to top speed and acceleration
In order to unlock them, you’ll have to invest in your associates. Cassandra is responsible for most of the car upgrades, but Burke handles some as well. Additional upgrade options will be added to the game after launch, presumably along with the street racing DLC.

Mafia 3 Car Cosmetics

The game doesn’t offer any visual customization for your vehicles. What we know for sure is that it will be getting a free DLC pack at some point after launch, which will add a bunch of cosmetic options. It will allow players to:
  • Install new wheels
  • Change their licence plates
  • Apply different paint jobs
mafia 3 car customization
Until then, we’re stuck driving the same, old boring cars we snatch from innocent people on the streets of New Bordeaux. The closest you get to painting your car is stealing one that’s differently colored.

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  1. D

    *SPOILER* you can now (20/1/17) add supercharger kit to your car, as far as im aware it just gives it a bonnet look that sticks out the top :L window tint, and paint change are incliuded, you can also (once unlocked via racing i believe) get decals and a spoiler.


    you can also call an associate to deliver a car to you (for free) from any of the ones you unlocked, after a few missions i believe you get the samson drifter, (lincolns car) once you’ve got Burke as an underboss(one of the 3 you get, the others are cassandra and vito) 🙂

    1. M

      Is this online only I’m always offline I’ve updated it I have the outfits

  2. A
    Ar-Rasheed A Lee

    I wanted to ask is the higher the number the better the exhaust kit

  3. R

    car customisation sucks a big doughnut in mafia 3 .totally naff compared to mafia 2.

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