Mafia 3 Fight Club Activity

Mafia 3 has a bunch of activities you can partake in. These aren’t strictly missions, but something like side-quests, which you can do if you want to take a break from taking down the Marcano’s.
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One of the possible activities is cage fighting, which was hinted at in one of the recent trailers. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything we know about Mafia 3 Fight Clubs.

mafia 3 fight club activity
Note: This guide is still under construction. We’ll add fresh info once the game is out.

Mafia 3 Cage Fighting

The trailer in question is the World of New Bordeaux: Combat. Among other things, it shows Lincoln taking part in a cage fight. This doesn’t tell us much apart from the fact that there will be at least one illegal boxing match we’ll get to participate in. But, this is where things get interesting.

There are three ways this could play out:
  1. Story mission: The segment shown in the trailer might come from a story mission, a singular occurence. It might be, for example, a part of the main questline in which Lincoln infiltrates a fight club in order to get close to someone.
  2. Side activity: It could also be part of a recurring activity which lets you pummel favored fighters in order to reduce the betting profits of Marcano’s organization.
  3. Both: Finally, it could be a story mission that unlocks it as an activity in the city.
The developers have said there won’t be activities that aren’t connected to Lincoln’s plan for vengeance, so it’s definitely not going to be without ties to the central story. It remains to be seen whether it’s a one time thing or something you can spend time enjoying over and over again.

Mafia 3 is going to launch on October 7th, which is when all of the confusion will finally be cleared.

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