Errors & Problems in Mafia 3

Mafia 3 is out, and the PC version has had a troublesome start. Players are already complaining about crashes, poor performance and other issues. Some of them are easy to avoid once you know what’s the problem, while others require patching. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of known errors & problems in Mafia 3, how to fix or avoid them.

Note: This guide is under construction. We’re going to update it when we have more information.

Car won’t start in Mafia 3

This is definitely a glitch. Exit the car then re-enter, after that you’ll be able to start the car.

Frame limit on PC

The keen-eyed players have discovered that the PC version is locked at 30 FPS. The community is at a loss for words – nobody expected something like this to happen. There’s no solution for this, but we’re keeping an eye on the situation. We’re going to write everything we find out about this to our Mafia 3 30 FPS Lock guide.

Mafia 3 Crashes

Some players have reported the game crashing to desktop, sometimes even several times in the space of an hour. If this happens to you, all we can suggest at this time is that you update your graphics card drivers, if you haven’t already. Other than that, all you can do is wait for a patch.

Really blurry image in Mafia 3

A certain number of players are complaining that the image is too blurry, even after disabling Motion Blur. If this happens to you, you could:
  • Try restarting the game.
  • Disable Depth of Field in the in-game options.
  • Lower the anti-aliasing settings. It will make the game more sharp.

Mouse cursor visible in-game

A handful of people are reporting being able to see their mouse cursor in-game. If you have this issue, you should first try to move it to the top right corner. This can sometimes make it disappear. If it doesn’t, try alt-tabbing then going back to the game. Finally, you could make the game run in a window, then revert back to full screen.

Audio desync & cutscene stutter

Some players (on both PC and console) have reported audio going out of sync with what’s happening on the screen, along with stuttering during cutscenes. If you’re on PC, you could try lowering the video quality. Turning off Vsync, in particular, helps greatly with these things. Aside from that, waiting for a patch is all you can do.

Mafia 3 21:9 not working

PC users with extra wide monitors are having a tough time right now. The game does not work properly in 21:9 resolutions – like 2560 x 1080 or 3440×1440. A part of the screen is always cut off, leaving the game literally unplayable.

Can’t close tutorial prompts in Mafia 3

Sometimes, people get locked in during the tutorial. The game starts throwing up tutorial prompts which won’t go away even after they press the appropriate buttons. If you’re using a keyboard, but you have a controller plugged in, try using that. If you’re using a controller, the solution is to use the keyboard when this happens. Once the tutorial is over, you can switch back to the control method of your choice.

Camera won’t stop spinning on PC

Some players have reported having the camera spin really fast when they’re trying to play with a gamepad on PC. There’s no good solution for this. The only one that works is to unplug it and play with a mouse and keyboard instead.

Mafia 3 freeze at soup kitchen

If the game freezes for you in the soup kitchen part of the intro/tutorial, just restart it. This should kickstart it into working. People have reported having several freezes here in succession – keep restarting until it works itself out. If you don’t have the time or the patience, you’ll have to wait for a patch, sadly.

Mafia 3 borderless window

There is no option to play in a borderless window in the in-game menu. There’s a workaround you could try instead:
  1. Right click on the game in your Steam Library.
  2. Choose Properties.
  3. Select Set Launch Options under the General tab.
  4. Write “-windowed -noborder -h (your resolution height) -w (your resolution width)” without the quotation marks
  5. Save and launch.

Mafia 3 cops won’t stop searching

A number of players have reported blue circles not disappearing from the map for days (in-game time). It’s a bug. The cops should stop searching and go away within a few minutes of real time. Hopefully a patch fixes this soon.

Mafia 3 won’t start

If the game doesn’t even start for you, try launching it using the .exe file, instead of the Steam client. You’ll most probably get an error message. You can then search the internet using the name of the error. One that has been reported is solved by updating Windows.

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  1. A

    Game is not launch, i see mafia III pictures end come black screen and boom turn desktop. How fix ?

    1. K

      same, and its very frustrating…..

    2. M

      turn on fullscreen in options

    3. G

      My missions are not player the missions with the speech bubble i do there (kill the gang leader or destroy the crane mission but after i have finished ALL the missions set and go back to them all they say is some random words and thats it and wont let me continue with the story come one HANGER 13 or 2K Fix it

    4. K

      Well actualy i had this problem too i googled all day for it, it was impssible. I suggest to try this: right click the laucher and select properties after that select comptablility and there you might see a unhecked box that says Run this program in comptability mode for; check it and try all the operating systems it worked for me using Windows Vista. Cheers

  2. P

    same here !!! please help us !!

  3. C

    I’m using a ps4 controller on PC via Bluetooth, and there are no button prompts in the game. Even if I go into the options menu and look at the controller scheme, it’s just empty. Pretty annoying.

    1. K

      me too is there any fix?

    2. V

      if you use ds4 windws go to settings and hide ds4 controller

  4. S

    The game freezes Everytime I play. In story missions/free roam I’ve tried restarting a bunch & nothing works….

  5. M

    Mafia 3 freeze at soup kitchen. resting controls when you changed it might work.

  6. R

    So the glitcg with the cops is on ps4 to, te cop circle is where a mission starts. I cannot start that mission of they are searching for me…. so basicly my game is stuck -.-

  7. A

    when I start a game, it plops me in the middle of the map
    the story doesnt work

  8. M

    The only problems i have is the 30fps lock but I guess they are patching it right now. Another one is my keyboard’s lights don’t turn on while playing this game.

  9. J

    my weapon wheel wont pop up no matter what button i use or what i do, with controller and keyboard

  10. N

    When I press to shoot some enemy… the weapon doesn’t react…

    1. N

      I tryed the Xb1 controller… same issue… i cannot shot with no weapon in game. I tryed to remap to other button, nothing happened…. It’s only me or this kind of issue happened to others the same?

      1. A

        Same problem, tried both mouse and xbox360 controller. Even when you remap shooting it doesn’t work 🙁
        I’m running it on a Win10 pc.

        1. F

          same here. cant shoot anymore. restarted the game. re instaled the game. nothing works. now i cant even aim or sprint also. both with mouse and gamepad.

  11. P

    Theres also mission bugs as well. During the third “Are we Cool ” mission for Emanuelle. The boat im supposed to steal doesn’t even appear.

    1. It’s not a bug, it’s just poorly explained. We’ve written about how to solve it in ourAre We Cool mission guide.

      1. M
        Maxwell Tucker

        Okay I can get the first delivery but not the other 2. The markers stay in the air. Is that also part of the system or a legitimate bug?

  12. T

    starting my game : error mafia 3 application has stopped working..

  13. 5

    Mafia 3 freeze at soup kitchen and Can’t close tutorial prompts in Mafia 3 can sometimes be solved by RESETTING controls in options if you remapped some of them, like I did.

  14. R

    I set right mouse button to shoot, left to zoom and middle to scope, then the game stopped recognizing my mouse buttons, now no matter what keys I set to the firing functions the game just wont fire a round, nor zoom.

    1. 5

      Reset controls, fixes all such problems.

      1. T
        Todesc Ionut Madalin

        How do you reset them?

        1. 5

          In Controls Option Menu there is a button “RESET”

  15. P

    Cant finish a mission. Was supposed to interogate a mob guy and he ran off. Map tells me to go to a specific location and no one is there. Cant continue campaign otherwise..

    1. M

      I have a similar problem, but with the missions where you have to get the weed and guns. I go to the objective marker but nothing is there

      I really would like to know how to fix this issue

  16. J
    James Marchant

    Mine won’t even load any more every time I start up the game it keeps putting me back to the prostitution racket level even after hours of game play it very annoying any advice would be great right now.

    1. J

      Same here why won’t any of my progress save on my Xbox one? It loads me back at that prostitution racket when I die or turn off the console

      1. A

        Same is very annoying, was so keen for this game.

  17. W

    So apparently there is more options in the pause menu then just controls? I have only had controls options ever since install on release day. Now they have released a patch for the fps lock and I cant change any settings…..

  18. D

    can’t order weapons because i have killed cassandra and the supplier says that i have to sort thing out with cassandra??? does anyone have a solution? and i can’t see a boat from the mission steal the boat

  19. I get this annoying bug where no enemies move…. 1st mission the cop brings you into the building…you collect the money and then he just stands there forever game broken (this is after the patch, before that they would move as per normal)

  20. P

    Whenever I turn off the game and come back to play it sends me Hella back to when Lincoln and Ellis go back to Sammy’s. Wtf.

  21. S
    Syrus davis

    When i die or turn off the game it will start me over too far how can i save my game even when the glowing icon appear on the right of the screen it doesn’t save and i just spent $61 dollars on this game smh what a disappointment

  22. D
    Darryl Pratt

    Ps4 talk to Burke mission stays stuck on loading screen turn the game off start back up n same thing so I’m stuck

    1. J
      James G

      This has happened to me also.. exactly the same – can’t be arsed to start again in case it happens again, not great.. didn’t get this with any Uncharted or GTA or any other 3rd person open map game – if you ever find a solution I’d love to know!! *head in hands*

    2. K

      i’ve got the same problem , burke mission stays stuck on loading and it stays stuck for hours , did you find a solution ?

    3. K

      i’ve got the same issue on ps4 , should i update it to fix ?

    4. C
      Crisi Kerr

      Don’t know if it’s any use now but delete your last save and that will save you starting again. This happened to me!

      1. T

        have you got a fix yet because nothing works on my end

  23. D
    Dan c

    I have this game on xbox one and it is completely broken. Every time i die or turn the game off i get sent back to the part where i have to talk to cassandra. Also, the game randomly turns bright yellow out of nowhere and buildings appear out of nowhere. After a while i also couldnt access any of the fuse boxes just all of a sudden. I cannot believe this game was released like this and i want my money back! This game is completely broken!

  24. Z

    I have a different kind of problem. Double click on the Mafia 3 icon and it opens a windows with the wallpaper of the game and 3 buttons : [start] [options] [quit]. When I choose [options] , he opens the menu with fullscreen , resolution , etc. but when I choose [start] , the main window of the game shuts down and nothing happens no more. No game, no any other window , nothing. Any ideas ? Thanks a lot.

    1. J
      John Carter

      I have the exacted same problem as you. The Mafia 3 launcher starts up, then you click play the launcher closes, the screen turns black, then you are back to your desktop, no other windows open, nothing happens, no game. i have not found a fix yet. sorry man, i know how you fell, we just want to play the game.

      1. C

        Same 🙁

  25. Z
    Zach winter

    I’m on Xbox one and I’ve downloaded and installed the family kick back add on but nothing seems to be happening I’ve restarted the game and Xbox but nothing happens I don’t have any of the weapons or cars ?! Anybody help ?

    1. J
      John Carter

      I have the exacted same problem as you. The Mafia 3 launcher starts up, then you click play the launcher closes, the screen turns black, then you are back to your desktop, no other windows open, nothing happens, no game. i have not found a fix yet. sorry man, i know how you fell, we just want to play the game.

      1. J
        John Carter

        sorry i responded to the wrong post.

  26. P

    Hi !! Someone know how to disable tutorial pop-up ?? I was killed because of this and it’s so frustrating to restart the mission from scratch whereas I only need to drive 200m to finish the mission…

  27. C

    Playing the game, I’ll get to the point I feel is confortable. Turn the console off, come back. It’s at the part every time where you and Ellis are on the airboat , every time I die, does the same thing. All the collectibles are still unlocked. I wanna play more, !74 it’s starting to be a waste of money.

  28. S
    Sir Grantius

    Hours of progress dissapears after a crash and takes me miles back before Dulcet at the Theme Park. Soooooo frustrating, I was defending his game against all the hate but I can see why now, its stuffed. How can the game NOT save your progress, i mean seriously WTF!

  29. K
    Karim Hamka

    Just wanting to know is the ‘objective’ supposed top remain up the entire time Ive just started the game and a third of my screen is taken by ‘current objective is enter so ‘ and wont go away

  30. M

    Wtf I make it far in the game then lose … an it start me all the way over …smh fix it if u can

  31. Z

    dude, this game sucks so much honestly its so dumb, so before i have to choose who to save first and talk to between vito and burke im at donavons place the CIA guy, after i saved vito and took over river row i died trying to take over pointe verdun. every time i take over a district and i die it takes me back to when i was donavans office where u have to choose which district to take over why cant i just take over a district and if i die trying to take over the district it wont save and load my Lincoln when i took over the first district?

  32. A

    No matter how many rackets i give Vito, he won’t pay more than 2,000$ kickback…

  33. M

    I keep having trouble with driving vehicle. I keep getting off the vehicle when I am trying to accelerate.

    Also, I can not drop off Vito after kidnapping the guy in his underwear. I got to Vito’s place, got off the vehicle but it keeps telling me to get back to the vehicle…

    1. D

      i have the same problem , did you solved?

  34. O

    Cant see anything in tutorial mission, because its so bright… This sucks!

  35. L

    I’ve got a problem in the mission “The IRA doesn’t make questions”… I accidentally exploded one of the vehicles and now I can’t find it anymore, it won’t respawn!

  36. B

    it just stops after killing lou marcano, im unable to choose the leader of the district. i cant abort mission or restart the game because i will get the same bug over and over..
    anyone had the same problem?

  37. J

    Keeps sending me back to the middle of i.r.a. mission even tho i beat it twice

  38. M

    i have also some big problems with the game. One of them, is the last mission can’t start, i can just driving around, and hope i get into the last mission, the second problem is with Maria next to a police station, she is still there after mission is finish, and there is no more with her. i play it’s on PC

  39. L

    Hi, I not any Problem with Game but lost my mafia 3 save, I was click on new game and game data restarted.have any hope to restore them? It s difficult to play it again :d Tnx

  40. T

    I purchase Mafia 3 3 weeks ago. I have played the same scene over 10 times. When I get to a certain point the game stops and starts over from the beginning. It’s very frustrating.. Will these bugs be fixed or does anyone have any solutions to this problem?

  41. M
    Matthias Reppin

    I have the same problem. After Killing lou marcano i cannot assing the district. it just sits and waits. FUCK. 🙁

    1. F

      Same here. I’m stuck in the loading screen after both cutscenes of Lou Marcanos death. District assignment doesn’t load….

      1. F

        Forgot to mention: I chose Lou to be the first Capo to die. Might be related to the problem

  42. I
    imad majeed

    I cannot see anything in the first mission really annoying…………please suggest me anything

  43. B


  44. C

    We are playing on Xbox one. Our game acts like it is saving but when we die or shut game off and come back to play we find out the saves didn’t work and it starts us over from the beginning. We even tried the trick of changing the display since it does a save each time there but that didn’t work for us when we died. Is this being fixed soon?

  45. R

    my character moves very slow turn everything to low and all other options down still moves slow like a snail not sure what is happening? Search on google others may have this problem as well no solution to the slow-motion bug r something? so if anyone finds a solution put up here
    thanks in advance

  46. C
    Clifton Richardson

    Dlc map freezing on first mission players just running in place every time.

  47. E
    Evan kennedy

    When I finished the mission I am Lincoln clay the next mission to kill sal did not come up and there is a story chapter “the dead stay gone”which I have completed but says I didn’t and also I thought I might have to do some side mission and I don’t the mission “I.R.A don’t ask” and after bringing in the first car all my blips to display places and other Side missions all disappeared after I delivered the first car please help

  48. T
    Tommy hardin

    When I’m doing the Bellaire mission and have to wait for night fall everytime I have to wait nothing happens. I can move the camera but it won’t progress no matter what I do to try and fix it

    1. M

      same here, I have gone back to the checkpoint to restart the mission to see if that would kickstart it, but still nothing, if you find a fix please let me know.

  49. M

    I am waiting at the Bellaire’s Grocery and the cut scene to start the mission won’t come up. I have been waiting in the designated spot for over an hour and just watching Lincoln Clay stand there, he won’t move nothing. I have tried to turn off mission and he still won’t move. I have reset to the last checkpoint and gone back to the grocery store and same thing keeps happening. Is there a fix to this problem or am I just done with the game since I can’t move past this point?

    Thanks for any help I an get.

  50. D

    My choice to assign a person to a district is gone and nothing I do works

  51. B
    Burak Terzioğlu

    i had soup kitchen frozen issue, i have a second controller, when i switch the controller problem solved

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