Mafia 3 Gameplay Demo Trailer Released

Hangar 13 and 2K Games have released another trailer for Mafia 3. The new video is 16 minutes long, and consists of pieces of old trailers with info about the game and New Bordeux, as well as footage from a mission that was showcased at Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show.

The game will let you play as Lincoln Clay, a murderous psychopath hell-bent on revenge. You’ll start out small, but after joining forces with Vito Scaletta, Burke and Cassandra, you’ll start taking over the city and causing mayhem.

The developers are pushing hard for us to see the city itself as the main character. It will consist of ten districts, each with their own flavor.
  • The Bayou is a swamp where the mob distills moonshine, smuggle weapons and make corpses disappear.
  • Delray Hollow is Lincoln’s old neighborhood, now run by the Dixie Mob, a band of pimps and drug dealers.
  • Frisco Fields is the ric part of town. That’s where the old money is. It houses the university, white supremacists and PCP labs.
  • Downtown is where you can best see the modernization of New Bordeaux – skyscrapers are built next to historical locations, while the mob blackmails local politicians into turning a blind eye to their activities.
The mission deals with killing Tony Derazio, an accountant for the mafia. There are two main approaches you can take – either go through the main hall, guns ablaze, or steal a limo and sneak in. The person playing the demo opted for the latter, using a silenced pistol and stealthy takedowns to worm their way into the underboss’ lair. As they reached the upper floors, they were discovered, so they switched to louder, more deadly options.

Mafia 3 is going to be released on October 7th, on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. If you preorder it, you’ll get the Family Kick-Back pack.

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