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Playboy Magazine is one of the collectibles in Mafia 3. There are 50 of them to be found in New Bordeaux, and each one contains a picture and an article. Some are located in easy to reach places, like apartments and coffee shops, while others are hidden away in sewer tunnels and secret stashes. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Mafia 3 Playboy Magazine locations, what you get for finding them.

Mafia 3 Playboy Magazines

First of all, the rewards. Sadly, there’s no achievement or trophy tied to collecting these glossy mags. There are also no gameplay bonuses for getting them all – searching them out won’t affect the game in any way. However, you will get a pretty picture (from an actual Playboy issue from that era), along with a small article. The article can be anything from a playmate profile, to an interview with Stanley Kubrick or The Beatles. Their only purpose is to thicken the weaving of the lore and give you more information about the world. You could call them educational, in a way.

mafia 3 playboy collectible locations
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If you prefer video, we’re going to be making video guides for each of the districts: Considering the number of issues present, you can probably tell the game is littered with them. We’ve made a map with the locations of all issues dotted. The ones we we have in the gallery below are numbered, while the others aren’t. When you’re in their general area, they’ll appear on the minimap. They’ll also be visible when you use your special crime-vision. If you’re not into collecting them, you can just browse the gallery we’ve prepared for you. We’re going to be updating it as we progress through the game.

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