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Vargas Paintings are a type of collectible you can gather in Mafia 3. These paintings feature pin-up girls painted by the famous artist Alberto Vargas. There’s 33 of them in New Bordeaux, and getting them might be harder than you think. You’ll most often find them in the possesion of rich college studends, criminals and others with an eye for that kind of art, and the deep pockets required to acquire it. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Vargas Paintings in Mafia 3, what they look like.

mafia 3 vargas painting locations

Mafia 3 Vargas Paintings

Vargas was a famous real-life painter from Peru, and one of the most celebrated pin-up artists in the world. He rose to fame during World War 2, and went to work for Playboy in the sixties. Judging by the inclusion of his paintings as collectibles, his trajectory through life was the same in this fictional universe. Finding these provocative watercolor works will give you a chance to appreciate art, but not much more – you won’t get any achievements or mechanical benefits from having obtained them.

vargas painting locations map mafia 3
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If you to struggle a bit while getting them, you can rely on the minimap – each of them will be marked once you’re close enough. You can also use the junction boxes – when you hack them, they’ll reveal the points of interest in an area. You’ll need one of Cassandra’s perks for this, though, so if you don’t want to hand over districts to her, you can just use our guide.

These are only a small sample. We’re obvioulsy not going to show all of them here – you’ll have to get the collectibles if you want to see them in all their uncensored glory. If you’ve decided to get the Collector’s Edition, you should’ve received a print of one of Vargas’ works.



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    Jaegar Croft

    There are 33 paintings in total, your map is showing only 29. This map is not accurate.

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