Mafia 3 Police - How Does It Work?

Police in Mafia 3 works a bit differently than in previous games. The system is tricky to game, and you’ll have to be really careful if you want to avoid getting caught.
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But it’s not impossible. This guide will show you how Mafia 3 Police works exactly, how to avoid their attention, how to deal with witnesses and more.


Getting rid of blue circles in Mafia 3

A blue circle appears on the map when a crime is reported, and police is actively searching for you in the blue zone. Cops in the blue zone are less aggressive. In order to stop the search you can call Police Dispatcher, or you can get outside of the blue boundary and hide there until the search is over. The more laws you break, the bigger circle appears. Witness will report you if you are aiming at the civilian for a while, killing civilians / cops, steeling cars, hitting people with cars …

Mafia 3 Wanted Status

Wanted Status becomes active once you commit any minor or major crime in the presence of either policemen or other witnesses. Once you’re a fugitive, the police will be alerted of your location and dispatched there. This is represented by a blue circle around your location or the locations of nearby policemen. You’ll have to stay away from it if you want to lose the heat. Here is a short list showing all you need to know about this system:

  1. The basics are pretty simple: when you commit crimes and someone sees you (and it’s not a policeman), police is sent after you. They are more likely to try to shoot you than arrest you.
  2. Once the crime is committed and the police is notified, a blue circle appears on the mini map. It represents the area in which the policemen are highly alerted. You’ll want to stay away from it, if you wish to escape. If the blue circle turns red, it means they are aware of your exact whereabouts.
  3. There are no wanted levels or anything like that. It is just the one level of police alertness. They will keep coming if the mini map circle is red. There are no helicopters, special police forces, or army.
  4. Once the police is on the scene of the crime, they will patrol around it for a while. Don’t expect them to leave immediately.
  5. If you are in a car, running from the police, they will aim and shoot out your tires. However, you can bypass this problem by upgrading your car tires into bulletproof ones.
  6. Some crimes have more chance to be noted by the policemen. They include carrying non-holstered weapons in public, shooting weapons, hitting pedestrians with a car, robbing stores, trespassing in plain sight and others.
  7. If you are spotted committing a crime by nearby witnesses, some of them might go to a phone boot and try to report it. You can recognize them by the phone icon above their head. Dash towards them and stop them from calling the police (or just shoot). Witnesses will also prefer going to a nearby policeman than calling them from the phone booth.
  8. FALSE: The police doesn’t react only to Lincoln’s criminal activity. They will also get in a shoot out with the other gangs if they commit crimes.
    TRUE: The police and enemy gangs work in cooperation. If you find them together and attack one member of the gang, the police will call backup.
  9. Traffic law violations and speeding tickets are a thing of the past. You will not be fined for speeding, but the police might be on your tail if they see you doing it.
  10. You can get the cops off your back by using one of the perks of your three lieutenant associates.
  11. New Bordeaux’ city design means that police will be more present on the streets in certain parts of the town. Their response time also depends on the location.
  12. Another sign of the times is the policemen’s “awareness” of Lincoln’s skin color. This alone might get you in trouble while you are in the game’s white-only areas.
  13. Policemen usually carry revolvers and shotguns. They’ll even shoot out of their cars sometimes, rather than leaving them.
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