Secrets & Easter Eggs in Mafia 3

While playing Mafia 3, you’ll come across a bunch of secrets. The town of New Bordeaux is fairly large, and it’s peppered with easter eggs, hidden locations and other kinds of secret stuff.
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You’ll happen upon some of them naturally, while playing through the missions. Other are more hidden, and you’ll have to look for them specifically in order to find them. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of secrets & easter eggs in Mafia 3, where to find them.

Mafia 3 Secrets

If you’re persistent enough, you can get to Paradiso Casino construction site early on. All you need is a boat with a windshield. Follow the northbound bridge from Pointe Verdun, across the pond. When you reach land, park by the concrete pier. Climb onto the windshield and pull yourself up. Congrats! You’re in the casino grounds now. You can freely explore the premises, but there’s a possibility you’ll fall through the ground, so be careful. You can use a vehicle to break through the casino’s glass doors and explore the interior as well.

There’s a secret romance scene in Downtown. You can discover it while doing the blackmailing racket. Go through the public bath house in the northern part of the area. On the upper floor, look for a dark room. If you look through the one-way mirror in the room, where you find Frankie’s blackmail stash, you’ll see two guys having fun in a jacuzzi.

Mafia 3 Easter Eggs

There’s a rusty Potomac Indian that can spawn in several places across the city. It’s an oldsmobile, one of the popular vehicles from the previous game. There’s nothing special to it, but it’s sure to be a treat for fans of the series.
While doing the rackets in Pointe Verdun, you might find a Rocky easter egg. While going through a butcher’s place, you’ll see a guy sparring with a carcass in a freezer. He won’t appear after you’ve taken over the racket.

If you’ve discovered some yourself, feel free to share them in the comments.

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  1. D

    Dude, the Potomac is not an Oldsmobile. It’s a Pontiac.

  2. C
    Carlos Torres Jr

    For the COD fans out there, you might notice the soda machines very closely resemble a jugger big machine from the popular zombie franchise.

    1. C
      Carlos Torres Jr

      **jugger nog

      1. D
        DEEZ NUTZ

        that’s just how the machines were in those days

  3. R

    if you whistle in a certain order you will hear the mocking jay birds from hunger games

  4. R
    Ryan Riley

    When you modify cars in your valet fleet, some license plates are “GDFATHR” (Godfather) , “CASANOVA” (Casanova) , “MRCLAY” (Main characters last name) , “LINCOLN” (Main characters first name) and a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head.

  5. D

    After finishing all the story missions, while driving around came across a small area, what seems to be organization of Black Panthers or somthing going south of a motel where Baron Saturday’s Funpark and Double Barrel Bar is on the left side of the road away from the train tracks.

  6. M

    Also when you’re doing the IRA don’t ask you have to grab three De’Leo Capulets a reference to the Leo Di Caprio version of Romeo and Juliet.

  7. L
    Lewis Cotterill

    There is a piece of dialog in the sign of times dlc when finding the crashed plane Lincoln will say I hate flying which references ateam B.A. He hates flying

  8. J

    There is a bookshop called Livre Noir, (can’t recall exactly where), French for Black Books, (which is a British comedy).

  9. J
    Jake and Elwood

    I’m surprised that I have not found any reference to the Barbarella poster in the grow house in the Faster, Baby DLC. I haven’t seen any other “real world” media outside of the collectibles and of course the music.

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