Mafia 3 Tips & Tricks

Mafia 3, the latest edition of the open world action series, is just around the corner. It will let you drive around a sprawling city, engage in combat with rival gangs, gain control over different districts and enact your revenge on those who’ve wronged you.
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There’s so much stuff to do in the game – it can be quite overwhelming at first. This guide will give you some Mafia 3 tips & tricks, to help you master the game more easily.

General Tips

  • A menu option allows you to switch between lethal and non-lethal takedowns. This will let you minimize the number of casualites, if you wish so.
  • Civilians will react when they see you running around with a weapon at the ready. They might try to call the police, but you’ll have the opportunity to stop them. You can recognize them by the phone icon above their head.
  • Whenever you see a Junction Box, make sure you wire tap it. This will reveal all points of interest (collectibles, weapons, stashes) in a certain radius.
  • Killing enforcers (low level officers in the mafia) isn’t mandatory, but it will make tackling the main story quests a lot easier.
  • You won’t be able to customize Lincoln right away, but the option will be added. For more info, take a look at our Mafia 3 Character Customization guide.
  • Deposit your money often – when you die, you’ll lose anything that wasn’t safely stashed away.
  • You will be able to roam the city after you finish the campaign, so don’t feel pressured to clear every area before getting to the next.

Vehicle Tips

  • Each car is unique in every way – it has its own mas, inertia and design. They all control differently on different surfaces. Sometimes a car that seems worse is actually a better choice, thanks to some of its traits – any kind of four-wheel drive is priceless when you’re in the swamp.
  • There are two vehicle modes – arcade and realistic. The speed, handling and durability of cars varies between the two, so the game adjusts to your preference.
  • If you need a specific vehicle at any point in the game, you can call your subordinates and have one delivered right to your location. It’s a great option if you don’t want to scour the city looking for a particular car.
  • Check out our Mafia 3 Cars & Vehicles list for a gallery of various models available in the game.
  • You will be able to customize your cars to a certain extent – both their looks and their performance. Which parts and upgrades you get will depend on which Associate you favor.
  • Street racing is a great way to earn money and unlock new customization options for your vehicles.
  • If you are in a car, running from the police, they will aim and shoot out your tires. However, you can bypass this problem by upgrading your car tires into bulletproof ones.
  • If you don’t break the windows of a car while stealing it, it won’t attract attention. Target convertibles and cars with visibly open windows.

Associate Perk Tips

  • Keeping the lieutenants happy will be a balancing act. If any one of them isn’t pleased, they’ll abandon your cause. They’ll show their discontent clearly at a sit-down, but consider that a final warning. If you don’t start doing what they think is right after that, they’re going to leave.
  • Favoring one underboss over others has its benefits as well. For instance, if you give New Bordeaux districts exclusively to Vito, you’re going to get an amazing weapon at some point.
  • Try to get the Consigliere perk as soon as you can. It will allow you to call for a courrier and deposit your money without leaving a mission.
  • Burke’s perks will unlock more cars to get via supply runs. Some of them are among the top tier of vehicles in the game.
  • Cassandra’s perks will unlock better options at the arm dealer’s van, like cheaper ammo or stronger weapons.
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