How to unlock preorder bonus in Mafia 3

Mafia 3 preorder bonus includes the Family Kick-Back pack. It’s a modest offering – three exclusive weapons and three cars. Everyone who bought the game before release got them, but some players are having trouble accessing the pack and getting their goodies. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock Mafia 3 preorder bonus, how to get the exclusive cars and guns in the game.

How to get preorder weapons & vehicles in Mafia 3

If you’ve bought it digitally, there’s no need to input a code or activate the preorder goodies in any way. As soon as the game’s installed, the bonus pack will be bundled with it. If you’ve bought a physical copy, you’ll have to activate the bonus on your platform’s store before you can access it.

Once that is done, start up the game. The earliest you can get all of the packs is when you’ve gathere all the underbosses around you – Vito, Burke and Cassandra. Even though two of them are in charge of delivering weapons and vehicles, you’ll need all three, as the pack represents their gifts to you – a gun and a car each.

If you want any of the cars, you’ll simply have to call in for vehicle delivery and choose one of the following:
  • Smith Moray MX100
  • Lassiter Leopard
  • Berkley Stallion
Likewise, if you want the fancy weapons, you should call the arms dealer. Keep in mind that each weapon is in its respective category. They are:
  • Trench 1938 automatic rifle
  • Camo Model 67 sniper rifle
  • Gator Shotgun
how to unlock mafia 3 preorder bonus

You won’t have to pay to unlock them or anything – they’ll be available as soon as all three underbosses are on your side. Only those who’ve preordered can get them at this point, but they’ll probably become available as a paid DLC at some point in the future.

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  1. K

    I pre ordered a physical copy. I entered the code for the pack and it says it downloaded. When I go to the game info on the dashboard it shows the pack but says pre-ordered and it will be available in November. I have all the under bosses unlocked. Anyone seen this?

    1. M

      Iv the same problem

    2. G

      Yeah, it’s happening to me to.

    3. D

      Very similar, I could have sworn mine said it’d be available either 10/21/16 or 11/21/16. And now it doesn’t even say that. It just says installed. But I’ve almost beat the game and I still haven’t seen the stuff I pre-ordered the game for.

    4. A

      After a few days of looking around,you have to uninstall it reinstall it and wait for the notification idk if it matters but don’t watch it download go to homescreen and wait for the notification and hold the Xbox button to access it and then start your game.

    5. D

      I also did the pre order and now that i have burke the only car I’ve seen is the Berkeley stallion further more where the hell is my camo model 67 sniper rifle, the trench 1938 should be free to equip but no am i doing soming wrong?

  2. K

    I purchased a physical copy of the game and entered the codes and it says everything is downloaded and installed. I got to the part of the game where you meet with all the under bosses in the bayou for the first time and still can’t get my content. Does anyone know what’s going on?

  3. K

    I bought the game physically and entered the code and Xbox says everything is downloaded. However I can’t access any of the content in game and I’m past the pout where you collect all the underbosses in the mansion in the bayou. Does anybody know why this is happening?

  4. M

    same problem

  5. D

    i pre ordered the deluxe edition and got no pre order bonus

  6. V

    I’ve uninstalled and installed again & still nothing. I bought the deluxe edition and I can’t see my season pass anywhere either. What the f*ck 2k

  7. M

    I went through all of the trouble of buying the game early and preordering it just so I can get the preorder bonus. I got all 3 bosses and have done a few missions for each and then some and still dont see the weapons or cars when I call for the dealers to come to me. This is beyond frustrating and Im pissed to no end! It makes me not want to play the game because I was looking foward to the bonuses. Someone has to have an answer for this pronto!

  8. J
    Justin Sposito

    Same issue I’m having. It’s ticking me off

  9. N

    Dont need all associates… just need Burke.
    And for those wondering: The preoder bonus cars are the bottom 3, you wont know tthey are the preorder bonusses just by looking at them. Nothing special about them. So the Lassiter Leopard, Berkley Stallion and Smith Moray MX100 are the cars

  10. K

    I have spoke with 2K about this. They know about the issue and they are working on it “The development team is currently working towards a solution.” That was one the 9th.

  11. H

    Where do i redeem the code? i’m a ps4 user.

  12. E

    Does anyone have a clue when the season pass is suppose to work? Or does it work for anyone else? I remember hearing 30 days after the gane drops the season pass would become available. I still don’t see it anywhere ormaybe I’m doing something wrong?

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