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Gone With The Windflare is an achievement in Gears of War 4 that sounds hard, but is actually easy to do. It rewards you with 5 GP once completed and can be done on any difficulty level.
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Your task is to kill 15 enemies using the environment during a windflare. Windflare’s are violent storms that happen during several levels of the game and you’ll have to fight enemies while in the midst of these. To kill enemies using the environment you need to shoot at destructible barriers holding back heavy objects. Some of these can be dislodged during Windflares, by shooting at them, thus wreaking havoc among enemies. User Maka91Productions on Youtube found a nice and quick way to do this achievement the easy way.You have to reach Act II, chapter B of the game. There will be a windflare and some hay bales pinned down by destructible objects. Four to five enemies will conveniently be placed in front of these bales. Shoot the destructibles and the bales will kill them. The trick is to restart the chapter after that and do it again. Just open the options and select Restart from last checkpoint. This will not compromise other achievements or your progress in the game. Depending on how many you got each time you should be done in five to ten minutes. Quick and easy achievement and Game points are my favorite.

You should also check out our guide on how to do some other achievements in the game – like Remember The Fallen, that requires you to collect all 10 COG tags in the campaign. We will also produce more guides on Gears of War 4 achievements and how to get them. If you have a particular difficulty with any of them let us know in the comments so we speed up the creation of that guide.

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