Condition: Green Unlock Door to Secret Chest - Switch Location Marvel's Avengers

Condition Green is a mission in Marvel’s Avengers. During this mission, you’ll run into a glowing yellow vault door after riding the elevator. It’s big and impossible to miss, so you’ll probably wonder what’s behind it. In order to open it, you’ll have to find a number of cleverly hidden switches located on that floor. Of course, this is easier said than done. If you’re having trouble with it, this guide will show you Condition Green door switch locations in Marvel’s Avengers.

marvels avengers code green unlock door switch locations
Marvel’s Avengers Condition Green Unlock Door Switch Locations

How to unlock yellow vault door?

You’ll see the door on your left almost immediately after you leave the elevator during the Sabotage Servers objective. It’s a big thing with a yellow hexagon in the middle, and it glows. Impossible to miss. If you want to open it, you’ll have to do so before you press the button and go into the next section of the lab, because you can’t return.

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To open it, you’ll have to smash a number of switches hidden in the area. Finding them all seems like a chore, but only if you’re as forgetful as we are. Using the Tactical Awareness skill (up on the D-Pad) will make their outlines visible through walls. This makes finding them a breeze – once you’ve cleared the area of enemies, run from one to another and smash each one until it turns blue. Once you smash the last one, the door will open.

The reward is pretty underwhelming, though. It’s a tiny room with a tiny chest. Once you open it, you’ll get a handful of resources from it, which is hardly the exciting pay-off you were probably hoping for. You’ll find lots of doors like this one on missions, and you’ll always use Tactical Awareness to open them quickly and painlessly, but since this is the first, it might not occur to you to rely on your superpowers.

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