How to Switch Characters in Marvel's Avengers

Switching heroes in Marvel’s Avengers is one of the mechanics in the game, and it lets you change the character that you’re playing as. This is definitely part of the game’s appeal, but that can lead to some problems. Namely, you might get stuck with a character that is not suited for the given mission, and you might want to change your Marvel’s Avengers hero, especially in the campaign. If this whole thing is confusing you, then our How to Switch Characters in Marvel’s Avengers guide is the right place for you.

how to switch characters in marvels avengers
How to Switch Characters in Marvel’s Avengers

How to Change Characters in Marvel’s Avengers Campaign?

To change characters in the Marvel’s Avengers campaign, you basically have to exit to the main menu, and then go back into the campaign. The game will automatically place you into the last mission you unlocked, with the hero you need to complete it with. This lets you circumvent those unpleasant situations where you have to play as, say, Black Widow, but you managed to get yourself stuck as Ms Marvel. It’s not exactly the most elegant of solutions, but it does the job. I mean, this game currently makes you delete save files to start the campaign over, what did you expect?

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After you finish the campaign, though, and you enter the “free roam” mode, you can change your character whenever you please by interacting with the War Table. When you do, you’ll see the “Change Hero” button prompt in the bottom right corner. On PlayStation 4, it’s the Options button. You can see exactly where the prompt is in the image below, so you can see what it is on your platform of choice. And, of course, there’s always the chance to pick your desired character before you enter any strike or similar missions.

And, there you have it, that’s how you switch characters in Marvel’s Avengers. In case you need help with anything else in the game, we’ve got you covered with our expanding list of Avengers guides. Like, for example, Condition: Green Unlock Door to Secret Chest – Switch Location, How to Restart Campaign, and Abomination First Boss Bugged – Keeps Disappearing.

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