Destroy Smashable Walls Without Smash Attack in Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man

Getting past smashable walls without a smash attack in Marvel’s Avengers can be a bit of an issue you’ll run into. There are characters in Avengers, like Iron Man, that don’t have smash attacks available at all times, making destroying these walls more difficult, and potentially confusing. In our Destroy Smashable Walls Without Smash Attack in Marvel’s Avengers – Iron Man guide, we’re going to show you how you can get around this obstacle.

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destroy smashable walls without smash attack in marvels avengers iron man
Destroy Smashable Walls Without Smash Attack in Marvel’s Avengers – Iron Man

How to Get Past Destroyable Walls in Marvel’s Avengers as Iron Man Without Smash Attacks

To get past smashable walls in Marvel’s Avengers without smash attacks, specifically as Iron Man, you have to use the Hulkbuster ability. Yes, his Ultimate Heroic Ability. As far as we can tell, there’s no other way for Iron Man to bring down these walls. They call for the use of a Smash ability, which most of the other characters have in one way or another. Iron Man, however, does not. I suppose it’s like a trade-off for his other destructive abilities.

That said, it does suck that you have to waste your ultimate ability just to bring down a lousy wall. Especially if you end up in a sticky situation moments from there, which is entirely plausible. I suppose you can count on the one of the other characters to do it for you, but that’s no fun. Now, I admit that we might be missing something here. If you know of any other ways for Iron Man to get past smashable walls in Marvel’s Avengers, let us know in the comments, and we’ll update the guide with the new info.

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