Avengers Errors & Problems - Crashes, Blurry Screen, Memory Leak

Marvel’s Avengers has had a rocky launch, and nowhere is that more evident than on the PC. The PC version of the game is riddled with bugs that cause the game to crash and freeze, perform poorly on high-end rigs, use every possible resources available to it and more. Some of these issues can be solved with simple tweaks, while others are beyond the reach of players and will have to be addressed by the developers. This guide will show you a list of known Avengers errors & problems, as well as how to fix or avoid them when possible.

marvels avengers errors problems crashes memory leak blurry effects
Avengers Errors & Problems – Crashes, Blurry Screen, Memory Leak

Marvel’s Avengers crashes all the time

Crashing is the most common issue players have been experiencing. There are a bunch of things you could try, but not a single one of them guarantees success:

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  • Disable any overlays you might have (Steam, Discord, Nvidia Experience, etc.)
  • Set the game’s priority to high in the Task Manager
  • Close all background programs
  • Turn on Debug Mode in the Nvidia Control Panel
  • Disable Vsync
  • Turn off dynamic resolution

How to get rid of blurry, hazy effect in Marvel’s Avengers

Even with motion blur turned off, people have been complaining about hazy visuals and a blurry effect persisting. The way to solve this is by setting antialiasing to SMAA, then turn off bloom, lens flare and depth of field. You’ll also have to turn volumetric lightning all the way down.


The way to stop getting this highly specific error message is by running the game in windowed mode. If you’re using the HD texture pack, set the textures to high instead of ultra. You could also try limiting your framerate to 30 in the GPU control panel.

Unlocked skins disappearing

A number of people have been complaining about the skins they’ve unlocked disappearing. They’ll show up as locked in the list, even though you may have already used them. This only happens when changing skins – the one you change out of disappears – so the only thing you can do is not change skins until the issue is resolved.

CPU 100% in Marvel’s Avengers

Unreasonably high CPU usage has been reported even on the beefiest processors. There seems to be nothing you can do about it – it might get better as the game is patched, but it also might not.

Avengers memory leak

Another one of the major issues are the memory leaks players have been reporting. The game just keeps gulping down as much RAM as there is, until there’s no more to take, which is when it starts acting up. Restarting it from time to time is a good temporary solution, until a patch adressing the issue appears.

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  1. A

    I’ve been stuck on the interrogation anxiety mission since September 2nd… I play as Black Widow on the helicarrier and am supposed to talk to Pym, but I can’t access the war table to do so. I can’t do any other missions or change characters. I can buy stuff and walk around… fun. There’s been two patch updates since I discovered the issue but I restarted the campaign so I could at least play something, and I have been to scared to advance on the the mission where I got stuck last time. Does anyone know if September 9ths patch fixed this issue? Also, does anyone know about Square Enix’s “compensations” for people with game breaking bugs?

    1. D
      Daniel Dawson

      and me!!!!!!

  2. B

    I’d also like to add that for some with Nvidia cards, rolling back the drivers can help with crashes. I went from constant crashes to only crashing very rarely.

  3. D
    Daniel Dawson

    I am stuck on interragtion anxiety I press up so I know where to go and the square ( with the bright light ) just stays there and i dont know what to do it says I need to talk to pym and I cant find her its annoying me if i knew it would be like this i wouldn’t of bothered

  4. W
    Wallace Walsh

    Before the big update a couple of days ago the game would constantly crash on me. Now that the update has been installed, I cant even make it past the Marvel screen without it freezing and crashing.

  5. N
    Neno Dimitrov

    It’s quite frustrating. I’ve been playing the game since the launch with no big problems occurring. Maybe I had a few crashes for the whole period but which game doesn’t do that… Yesterday I was playing for a few hours when the game crashed(just freezed in action). I had some work to do so I just signed out(killing the process was not possible as the game took overe the whole of the screen and alt-tab was not available). Later that day I went back in and the game hung after I pressed “Start”. So since then I haven’t been able to go after that screen. Tried refreshing my GPU drivers … using display driver uninstaller in Win10 safe mode, yet that didn’t help. I tried running the game with the lowest possible settings – still crashes on the very same spot. By the way the first time I ran the “check game files integrity” the checker found some file was missing and downloaded it(around 4 GB in size) but after that it was unable to find anything wrong with the game. I’m about to re-install the game … didn’t want to lose 2-4 hours to download it all over again but I basically tried everything that is deemed graceful. I am not going to reinstall my OS. FFS the game was working yesterday and I played it couple of times then. No restarts of the PC, no sign outs, nothing … just decided it will freeze from now on…I’ll let you know if it has any effect.

    1. N
      Neno Dimitrov

      No need to reinstall the game – it still freezes. I guess I’ll have to contact Crystal Dynamics support to whine about this.

    2. M
      Matthew Guider

      I created new user on windows and went in game and it would allow me to continue when my game did same thing your talking about

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