Outer Worlds DLC Price & Release Date - Peril on Gorgon

Peril on Gorgon is the first DLC for Outer Worlds. It’s coming out shortly, and lots of people are wondering when exactly it’s going to be released and how much it’ll cost. The reason for these questions is that it still hasn’t been added to any of the digital storefronts, and it cannot be preordered. If you’re one of those who’ve been wondering about it, this guide will show you the Outer Worlds DLC price & release date.

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outer worlds dlc price release date
Outer Worlds DLC Price & Release Date – Peril on Gorgon

The first piece of Outer Worlds DLC is going to be released tomorrow, on September 9th. We still don’t know the exact time when it’s going to be available, but since it’s just an expansion and not a major release, it’s probably going to be the default publishing time on each platform.

As for the matter of price, you’ll be able to buy Peril on Gorgon for $15 on its own. Or, if you’re the gambling type (or the type easily seduced by miniscule discounts), you can get the expansion pass for $25. It includes Peril on Gorgon and a “future, unnanounced DLC”. You get $5 off from the second DLC, but you’re buying something you know nothing about. Even worse, the first DLC might end up being crap, which would probably put you off buying the second one as well.

Our advice, as usual, would be to wait for the reviews of Peril on Gorgon before committing to purchasing that one. If the reviews are favorable, and you end up buying and liking it, then start thinking about getting that second piece of DLC. Story DLCs can turn out phenomenal – sometimes even better than the base game (at least story-wise) – but they can also end up feeling tacked on or superficial. In the end, it’s your money, and you know best how to spend it.

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