Gold Chest Locations in Marvel's Avengers

Gold Chests in Marvel’s Avengers are the fancier chests in the game that reward you with high-level gear, comics, resources, and other useful stuff. So, you absolutely want to figure out where to find all the gold chests in Marvel’s Avengers. However, even though they glow gold, they’re still relatively easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. That’s why we’re putting together our Gold Chest Locations in Marvel’s Avengers guide to help you out.

gold chest locations in marvels avengers
Gold Chest Locations in Marvel’s Avengers

Where to Find Marvel’s Avengers Gold Chests?

One of the gold chests in Marvel’s Avengers you can find during the To Find Olympia mission. After the section where you play as the Hulk (specifically, after you run away from the explosions), you’ll be Ms Marvel again. The cutscene will show her punching through a vent. As soon as you gain control, head to the right instead of dropping down to find the gold chest. In fact, if you pay attention during the cutscene, you’ll see exactly where it is.

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You can find another gold chest during the Hello Old Friend mission. As you play through it, the game will take you to meet with Bruce Banner at the War Table. Once you walk into the room, don’t approach the table. Instead, walk around it, and you’ll see Captain America’s shield right in front of you, and a gold glimmer directly above. So, climb up the stairs and approach the place where you saw the glimmer. You’ll find the chest behind the red chairs.

Another gold chest is in the Surveillance mission, during the “Meet Natasha in the Technology Lab” step. Head straight into the hangar, and go to the lower level. Approach the giant oval window, and you’ll spot the gold chest in the corner on the left. It’s right next to Sidney Levine.

This guide is a work in progress. We’ll be adding more Golden Chest locations as we discover them.

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