Marvel's Avengers Shield Cache Locations - Loot Shield Caches Vault Chain Quest

Shield caches are points of interest on many maps in Marvel’s Avengers. Not every map has one, and you won’t even know it’s there until Jarvis tells you there’s one in the vicinity. Once he does, you’ll have to find a hidden switch that opens up the bunker and lets you in. There’s a Vault Chain quest that requires you to loot shield caches, and lots of folks are wondering what they are exactly and where to find them. This guide will help you by showing you Marvel’s Avengers shield cache locations.

marvel's avengers shield cache locations loot shield caches vault chain quest
Marvel’s Avengers Shield Cache Locations – Loot Shield Caches Vault Chain Quest

You can find shield caches in Threat Sector missions in the Avengers Initiative, the multiplayer part of the game. When you’re near it, Jarvis will tell you there’s a cache nearby – you’ll then have to find a switch that opens the secret door and lets you inside. Here are the shield caches we’ve found so far:

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Stark Realities Shield Cache location

When you start the mission, go into the woods in front of you and a little to the left. Keep going this way until you reach a river bed in a small canyon. Follow it until it makes a sharp turn left. Climb out of the canyon using the ledges and you’ll see a box with a purple light on a nearby tree. Continue past it until you’re in a clearing with a single tree. The switch will be at the base of the tree.

Shield Cache location – Breakout

As you’re approaching the AIM facility, while you’re still in the city, head left and look for a couple of vehicles parked in the badlands just outside of town. There will be a cave near them. Head inside and drop down when you reach the pillar. You’ll notice a collapsed tunnel entrance on the right. Approach the crates in front of it and you’ll find the switch.

We’ll update the guide with new shield cache locations as we discover them.

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