Marvel's Avengers Knuckle Sandwich - End Four Hit Combo with Iron Spike Attack

Knuckle Sandwich in Marvel’s Avengers is a daily challenge you can complete with Kamala, or Ms Marvel, by performing combos of four or more hits that end with an Iron Spike attack. This is kinda difficult as is, but there’s also a potential problem where the game doesn’t register your Iron Spike combos towards the Knuckle Sandwich challenge. So, what is one to do? Well, let’s discuss that in more detail in our Marvel’s Avengers Knuckle Sandwich – End Four Hit Combo with Iron Spike Attack guide.

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marvels avengers knuckle sandwich end four hit combo with iron spike attack
Marvel’s Avengers Knuckle Sandwich – End Four Hit Combo with Iron Spike Attack

Perform Combos of Four Hits or More That End with an Iron Spike Attack – Knuckle Sandwich Daily Challenge

To complete the Knuckle Sandwich daily challenge with Kamala, aka Ms Marvel, you have to do what the description says. You’ve gotta perform several combos made up of four hits or more, and end them with the Iron Spike Attack. To perform this attack, you have to press Triangle (or the equivalent on your platform) at the end of the Fists of Justice combo. You can perform the finisher at any point in the combo by holding Triangle, as per the skill’s description. You can see the details for yourself in the image above.

Now, the potential problem here is that the game has a bit of trouble registering the combo. Some people have been reporting this issue on Reddit, where they absolutely pull off the proper combo and end it with Iron Spike, and yet, they make no progress in the challenge. This seems to be some kind of bug that will hopefully be addressed. Some theorize that the combo doesn’t count when the enemy is stunned, but this is pure conjecture. So, you just have to keep trying and hope that the game registers the combos properly. Good luck.

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