Avengers Patterns Farming Guide - Unlock Cosmetics at Fabrication Machine

Patterns in Marvel’s Avengers are a special type of item that you can use to unlock cosmetic outfits at the Fabrication Machine. Unfortunately, figuring out how to get Avengers Patterns and how to use them properly can be a bit of a stumbling block. The game doesn’t do a great job explaining itself, basically. That being the case, in our Avengers Patterns Farming Guide – Unlock Cosmetics at Fabrication Machine guide, we’ll show you how to farm Patterns, how to use them at the Fabrication Machine, where to find said machine, and much more.

avengers patterns farming guide unlock cosmetics at fabrication machine
Avengers Patterns Farming Guide – Unlock Cosmetics at Fabrication Machine

How to Get Marvel’s Avengers Patterns

To get Patterns in Marvel’s Avengers, there are several things you can do. They are a relatively random drop from several different sources. For example, you can obtain Patterns by opening high-level crates, completing certain missions (especially Faction missions) and other activities, and by increasing your Faction level. As you boost the Faction level, much like in Destiny, you get rewards from your faction vendor. Sometimes, those are going to be Patterns, among other stuff.

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As for Faction missions, we got a Pattern from “In Honor’s Name,” but really, any of these quests can grant you one upon completion. Since the whole process is relatively random, it’s a bit of a toss-up however you slice it. At least there are several different ways of obtaining them.

how to get marvels avengers patterns
Patterns can drop as Faction Mission rewards

How to Use Patterns in Marvel’s Avengers – Fabrication Machine

To use Patterns in Marvel’s Avengers, you have to take them to the Fabrication Machine. We’ll explain where to find it in a minute. When you get to the Fabrication Machine, interact with it by pressing and holding Square on PS4 / X on Xbox. Select the Pattern you want to use, and decipher it. This will reward you with a random outfit from the machine’s pool. Incidentally, you unlock access to the machine through the campaign, around the time that you recruit Tony Stark.

One thing we have to bring up here is that, after deciphering one pattern, we received absolutely nothing. We’re not sure whether this is due to a bug, or that we got a duplicate, so the game didn’t show us anything. Either way, just keep in mind that there’s a chance that the Fabrication Machine will pull a fast one on you.

Fabrication Machine Location in Marvel’s Avengers

The Marvel’s Avengers Fabrication Machine location is aboard the Helicarrier. Hit Travel to Outpost on the Helicarrier screen to get transported to the ship’s bridge and the War Table. From there, head through the door with the Avengers logo behind you. Proceed down the corridor towards the Hero Terminal, and go through the first door on the left. The machine is in this room, off to the left, in the far corner. You can’t really miss it, since it’s pretty much the main fixture. Approach the contraption’s console and hold Square / X / whatever it is on PC to interact with it.

Marvel’s Avengers Patterns Fabrication Machine Outfits List

In our list of Avengers Fabrication Machine outfits below, you’ll find all the costumes that the game explicitly marks as being from the machine. However, we have noticed that other outfits can come from Patterns, too. It’s mostly those that are otherwise obtainable from the cosmetics merchants. So, our hypothesis is that the outfits in this list are exclusive to the Fabrication Machine, with no other way to earn them. If that’s not the case, please, let us know in the comments.

  • Ms Marvel
    • All-American – Legendary Outfit
    • Detailed – Rare Outfit
    • Crafted – Rare Outfit
    • Destined One – Rare Outfit
    • Cap Fan – Rare Outfit
  • Hulk
    • Just Joe – Legendary Outfit
    • Pin Stripe – Legendary Outfit
    • The Other Guy – Rare Outfit
  • Iron Man
    • Bypass – Legendary Outfit
    • Vapor Trail – Epic Outfit
    • Zero Defect – Rare Outfit
    • Midas – Rare Outfit
    • Gunmetal – Rare Outfit
  • Thor
    • Battle Born – Legendary Outfit
    • Dawn Star – Legendary Outfit
    • Hard Hat – Rare Outfit
    • Silverplate – Rare Outfit
  • Captain America
    • Star-Spangled – Epic Outfit
    • Bravado – Rare Outfit
    • Antibody – Rare Outfit
  • Black Widow
    • Codename: Laura – Legendary Outfit
    • Patrol – Epic Outfit
    • Dawn – Rare Outfit
    • Midnight – Rare Outfit

Marvel’s Avengers Pattern Locked Cosmetic

The Pattern Locked Cosmetic in Marvel’s Avengers is basically a bug that has been happening to some people. If this happens to you, the game will basically eat your Pattern without pity or remorse. According to some players, the next Pattern you decipher is going to drop two outfits, but that doesn’t have to be the case at all. Luckily, there is a potential solution.

If you get the Pattern Locked Cosmetic message, exit that menu, and wait a bit for the new cosmetic to “load.” Then, go back into the menu, and all should be okay. Rinse and repeat whenever Pattern Locked Cosmetic shows up, and you should be okay. Granted, it’s not a 100% fix, but it can work. No harm in trying.

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    You left out one of the iron man skins called mark I

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    I’ve earned gunmetal and Midas for iron man by buying them from cosmetics vendor…I’ve only earned one pattern the entire game and I’ve been through it and through it again. Gonna keep trying though…I’ll keep posted

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    I got a different Ms marvel outfit it was the Billionaire Genius

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