Interrogation Anxiety - Can't Talk to Bruce / Tony Bug Fix in Marvel's Avengers

Interrogation Anxiety in Marvel’s Avengers is a mission that has a bug in the step where you have to speak with Bruce, or Tony, or Pym. The glitch in Marvel’s Avengers Interrogation Anxiety is pretty multifaceted, and can impact you in several ways. The fix you’ll have to use is universal, luckily, even if it won’t necessarily work in all cases. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our Interrogation Anxiety – Can’t Talk to Bruce / Tony Bug Fix in Marvel’s Avengers guide, where we’ll explain how to repair this glitch, and how to switch your character to Black Widow.

interrogation anxiety cant talk to bruce tony bug fix in marvels avengers
Interrogation Anxiety – Can’t Talk to Bruce / Tony Bug Fix in Marvel’s Avengers

Falling through floor bug in Interrogation Anxiety

One of the bugs we’ve been hearing about a lot is about falling through the floor. People affected by it complain that everything glitches out when they go to Tony in the war room and they fall through the map. The only potential solution is to restart the game/solution. If that doesn’t help, you’ll just have to wait for the developers to look into it, and steer clear of the mission until then.

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How to Fix Can’t Talk to Bruce / Tony Bug in Marvel’s Avengers Interrogation Anxiety

To fix the bug in the Marvel’s Avengers Interrogation Anxiety mission where you can’t talk to Bruce or Tony, you actually have to play as Black Widow. If you’ve gone and done a different mission as another hero and then go in to continue the campaign, that is going to block your progress until you switch back to Natasha. This, however, is easier said than done. What happened to us was, we tried completing an unrelated mission as Black Widow and come back to the campaign, but that unfortunately did not work. So, what is one to do? Well, we have a solution for you.

Marvel’s Avengers Interrogation Anxiety Talk to Pym Bug – How to Fix

To fix the Talk to Pym bug in the Marvel’s Avengers Interrogation Anxiety, you can try to exit the mission, go ahead and do a different one as Black Widow, and then come back. That can sometimes un-bug the mission, and you can proceed. However, there’s unfortunately no guarantee that it’s going to work. See, what’s supposed to happen is that you have to talk with Tony. However, the glitch affects Tony’s spawn in some fashion, so it switches to Pym, who simply isn’t there. It’s a game-breaking bug, and sadly, a future patch is the only thing that will truly help.

How to Switch Character to Black Widow in Campaign

To switch your character to Black Widow in the campaign of Marvel’s Avengers, you have to exit the campaign, and then go back into it. The game should throw you into the mission with the hero that’s necessary to proceed. In the case of Interrogation Anxiety, it’s, of course, Natasha. As far as we know, that’s the only way to pull this off. If you know of a less intrusive method, by all means, let us know in the comments.

In case you need more help with the game, we’ve got a bunch of Marvel’s Avengers guides for you to check out. Among other articles, we’ve written Shield Cache Locations – Loot Shield Caches Vault Chain Quest, Visit Sidney Levine – Unlock Door to Vendor, and How to Get Back to Helicarrier & Ant Hill.

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  1. C

    this is happening to me. any fixes for this?

  2. A

    I’m currently stuck on this mission as Black Widow. I’ve watched play throughs of this mission and found that my Tony says something completely different than what he’s supposed to. I can’t use the war table to talk to Pym and I can’t change missions. I contacted square Enix customer service and they really weren’t helpful at all! It’s like they just want me to wait for the patch and move on! What about the money I paid for 3 day early access that I can’t play?!?

    1. K

      im having the same problem tried everything how do i contact square enix

  3. C

    Just exit to main menu and reload… You need to talk to bruce standing by the window.

    1. A

      What do you think we did? Twiddle our thumbs?

      1. B

        Still having this issue. 🙁 playtesting is expensive I guess.

    2. D

      I cant talk to Bruce either. Why wont it let me continue? Im Widow but there isnt any interaction between tony or bruce

      1. B

        im having this same ussue

    3. S

      That’s great but it’s not the problem. The problem people are having is they load in as Black Widow and the mission glitches, telling you to Talk to Tony and then switches to Talk to Pym and you can do neither.

  4. T
    Tony Coriano

    i’m at the part when black widow is supposed to earn her first ability in the game and i haven’t gotten it at all. i’ve reloaded to checkpoint and i’ve also closed the game and opened it but it’s still not working at all. is this happening to other people???

  5. J

    Same thing is happening to me they even recommended deleting and reinstalling the game but I did and it had no effect.

  6. S
    Shawn rapson

    I play marvel avengers on ps4 and I figured out the glitch close app and get back on and you will load back in as black widow

  7. J

    I started a mission as black widow and went I got back into the campaign it automatically makes me MS Marvel and starts me off in black widow’s room wtf .. it’s like I’m actual black widow but in the body of MS marvel !! This 3 day early pass is a waste of money

  8. J

    Fix it !! …..

    * press start
    * exit to main menu
    * then re click the campaign button
    * then go talk to Bruce

    1. F
      Fahad Syed

      It worked. Thanks bro.

  9. M

    Shame problem here. I did talk to Tony and War Table was accesible but I called it a night and was going to continue next day. Next day I hop in and can’t access War Table, can’t talk to Tony again and never talked to Bruce. Game is stuck… Tried resetting game, I even went to multiplayer to see if somehow that works, and nothing….. Waste of money foe the deluxe, smh

    1. T

      You have to make a Sqex account from avengers initiative and then load in and go back out. Then the war table will work.

  10. X

    I was having such a good time playing this game until I was halted to a stop I’m on the interrogation anxiety mission but every time I load into the game it takes me back to the mission where you first encounter Tony Stark and it’s all glitched out and I’m falling through the floor

  11. D

    Done loads of different missions as black widow still nothing works

  12. J
    Joseph W Harding

    Try reload last check point

  13. B

    Has anyone got any further? I appear in the ant hill as Black Widow, but when I go looking for Bruce he’s nowhere to be found and the Pin is at the entrance of the Portal still. If I’m screwed alright I’ll just never play it again. Just hate to give up though.

  14. K
    Kevin Estrela

    same here cant talk to anyone or do anything

  15. E



    1. L

      Can’t even look at back up saves

  16. M

    I’m trying to speak with Nat, Bruce, and Kampala as Tony in the helicarrier. I can talk to Nat and Bruce. But when I try and talk to Kamala her head starts glitching and I can’t talk to her. I need this to continue the campaign. Anybody going through this or have any advice.

  17. E

    I found a solution. I went back and did the widows quest and at the end of it, instead of staying in the quinjet, I clicked on “continue campaign”, and it brought me back to the helo carrier, and then I could speak with Bruce.

    For my glitch, I was stuck in the ant hill and could not find anyway to leave. I also could not talk to Hank Pym either.

  18. Y

    I’m still having issues. My black widow just falls beneath her room and stays there. Don’t know what to do now.

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