Marvel's Avengers Status Effects - How to Apply

Status effects are special effects that can be applied to your attacks in Marvel’s Avengers. They’re enabled by pieces of gear you equip, and they range from damage over time and lowering defences, to stuns and life-steal. If you’re wondering how exactly each of them works, what they do and how to apply them, this guide will explain everything about Marvel’s Avengers status effects.

marvel's avengers status effects how to apply
Marvel’s Avengers Status Effects – How to Apply

How to apply status effects?

The ability to apply status effects is provided by the gear you equip. Each piece of equipment will tell you exactly how to apply the status effect it provides. It can be by performing ranged attacks, signature abilities, comboes, power attacks or something else entirely. Just read the gear descriptions carefully and you’ll figure it out.

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What do status effects do?

Each status effect does a different thing. They’re all useful in different situations, but some are clearly better than others. Here’s a list of them and what they actually do once applied to enemies:

  • Plasma – Makes enemies burn, can cause them to stagger
  • Cryo – Slows enemies down and reduces their defence
  • Shock – Increases the damage an enemy takes and your chance to crit them
  • Gamma radiation – Poisons enemies, deals damage over time
  • Pym particles – Shrinks the enemy, lowering their stats
  • Cosmic – Makes enemies take more damage, gives you life steal

We still don’t know how these will work with one another, and whether it will be possible to combine them for interesting and devastating effects, but we’re definitely going to explore all the possibilities as soon as we can. Stay tuned, and if you have any useful info we might’ve missed, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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