Marvel's Avengers DNA Strongbox Locations - Genetic Treasure Kamala's Weekly

DNA strongboxes are special chests in Marvel’s Avengers. They only appear in certain types of missions, and you’ll need special keys to unlock them. Opening several of them is part of a weekly challenge for Kamala, called Genetic Treasure. If you’re having trouble completing this challenge, our guide will show you Marvel’s Avengers DNA strongbox locations.

marvel's avengers dna strongbox locations genetic treasure kamala's weekly
Marvel’s Avengers DNA Strongbox Locations – Genetic Treasure Kamala’s Weekly

Where to find DNA strongboxes for Genetic Treasure challenge?

The DNA chests you need for Kamala’s challenge can only be found in Vault missions. You’ll first need the coordinates to one of them, which can be found in shield caches. Your best bet would be to play the Stark Realities threat sector – either in the campaign, or the Avengers Initiative. No matter which one you chose, if you find the shield cache, you’ll get a vault key.

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Go to the Vault mission you just unlocked, and you’ll find several DNA strongboxes inside. However, you’ll need a DNA key to open one. There are some missions that reward you with these, usually those with humanoid-type bosses. The Alternate Visions villain sector in the Avengers Initiative was one of them, at least for us. You can also get it from the faction vendor on the ship.

DNA strongbox locations – Snowy Tundra Vault

You can find one on the platform in front of the big AIM building. Use the jump booster on the truck to get up, and you’ll see a blue chest on the right. That’s the one you’re looking for.

Desert Vault DNA strongbox locations

As soon as you start, head into the tower on the right. Once you’re on the first floor, look for a jump pad on the right. Use it to get up, and you’ll find the first DNA strongbox.

Go through the cave next to the tower and look for a building on the right once you exit. You’ll see four switches on the front side – activate them, and the ground floor door will open, revealing a room where another DNA strongbox awaits.

We’ll update this guide with more locations as we discover them.

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