Marvel's Avengers Pinnacle Combat - Defeat Enemies Airborne Before Landing

Pinnacle Combat is a weekly challenge in Marvel’s Avengers. It’s a Thor challenge, one in which you have to defeat 10 enemies while airborne, before landing. It’s pretty self-explanatory. However, finding a good place to complete it is easier said than done. Your AI teammates will often steal kills, or you won’t be able to find a spot with enough enemies. This guide will show you a good spot to defeat enemies while airborne before landing, so you can complete Marvel’s Avengers Pinnacle Combat weekly challenge.

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marvel's avengers pinnacle combat weekly thor challenge
Marvel’s Avengers Pinnacle Combat – Defeat Enemies Airborne

Defeat enemies after going airborne before landing

The best place to farm this challenge is Thor’s HARM tutorial. Fire it up and ignore the objective – just keep killing enemies until the challenge is done. Unlocking the lightning bolt skill can be pretty useful if you can afford it – if not, just throw your hammer at them.

It’s an annoying challenge – the number is relatively high, and your co-stars will do their darndest to kill enemies instead of you, making it harder to bump up the number. To top it off, normal missions don’t really have that amount of enemies just sitting around, waiting to be smashed. Thankfully, the HARM tutorial ticks all the right boxes, and makes things so much easier.

If you’re havnig trouble with any other challenges, we’ve written about several more, like Kamala’s Genetic Treasure, which requires you to open DNA strongboxes, or Into the Fire, which requires you to start comboes with a sprint attack.

We’ve written about other problematic areas as well – bugs like the one where you can’t talk to Bruce in Interrogation Anxiety, poorly explained things like the the Visit Sidney Levine message or how to change characters, hard-to-find things like golden chest locations or hidden switches and more. We’ll keep doing it, too, so stay tuned.

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