Fix Midnight Suns Standing Stones Bug, Same Symbol Twice

If you’re getting the same symbol twice for the Standing Stones puzzle in Midnight Suns, you should know that this is a widespread glitch at the moment. The Standing Stones puzzle has players looking for Rune sequences in order to activate the Standing Stones and unlock Legendary Chest for rewards. Read on as we explain why you are getting the Standing Stones puzzle with a duplicated symbol and what you can do to fix it.

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Fix Midnight Suns Standing Stones Bug, Same Symbol Twice
Standing Stones Same Glyph Twice Bug Midnight Suns

Standing Stones Puzzle Duplicated Symbol Bug Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Aside from challenging turn-based combat, Marvel’s Midnight Suns boasts an interesting story and some puzzles. The Standing Stones puzzle is particularly interesting as it spans the whole story and provides three legendary chests. When you interact with the stones, they will glow, and if you activate them in a specific order, they will reward you with a legendary chest. Three Standing Stones sequences are hidden in the game, and each one will unlock one chest. However, a number of players are currently reporting a glitch with one of these sequences. Namely, many players are getting cyphers with two identical glyphs. Unfortunately, it is impossible to activate a single stone twice. And thus, these glitched sequences appear to be invalid.

And to add salt to injury, these glyphs are completely randomized. Meaning you can’t simply find them online and use them instead. So, is there a solution for these Standing Stones duplicated symbol bugs? Unfortunately, it seems that players are experiencing this bug almost exclusively with the runes on the Chapel wall in the Abbey. This should be the first and the easiest sequence to find. However, it looks like it glitches out if you skip it. Thus, for now, it seems that you must follow the story and do these codes in the correct order, lest they will become bugged and show duplicate glyphs.

Standing Stones Order

  • On the wall of the Chapel in the Abbey is the first Standing Stones sequence.
  • The second Standing Stones sequence is on the wall above the fireplace at Agatha’s Cottage.
  • Behind the wall in Lilith’s Garden (the one with a shrine) is the third Standing Stones sequence.

Sadly, if you’ve skipped the first one, you will probably be locked out of the legendary chest for that rune sequence for the rest of that playthrough. As a last resort, you may try some of these glyph sequences. As we’ve already mentioned, they are random, but they might randomly work for you nonetheless.

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