Mass Effect: Andromeda Indirectly Customizing Alec Ryder's Appearance

Customizing your character is something that is a large part of roleplaying games. In Mass Effect Andromeda, you can customize the looks and names of both Ryder siblings at the start of the game. Changing their look will also influence something far more interesting.

Siblings Father Alec Ryder Mass Effect Andromeda
Alec Ryder’s Default Appearance

At the start of Mass Effect: Andromeda, you can change the look of both siblings, no matter which one you choose to play as later on. No matter which sibling you choose to play with, the other one will remain with the looks you’ve created. If you customize their appearance to an extent far different than the default one, you can also indirectly influence the look of Alec Ryder – the father of siblings. We can’t expect some drastic changes, but nonetheless, it is a fun fact.

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This interesting feature was reveled by the game’s lead designer Ian S. Frazier. Ian is also well known for the valuable data he reveals on Twitter from time to time.

Changing the look of Scott and Sara and influencing Alec Ryder’s looks might be the reason we don’t see their mother yet. Let’s be honest, how far can you really go with this option and not make it too eccentric?

Just several days ago, we had a chance to meet and get to know the human pathfinder team more. The Pathfinder Team Briefing shows the brief info about all of them.

Alec Ryder, who is voiced by Clancy Brown, is one of the more memorable characters. Considering that there might be a Ryder Mystery to be unveiled in the game, his role might become even more important.

Although you can indirectly influence how the dad Ryder looks, you can’t change anything else about him. More specifically, you can re-name your main playthrough character at the start, but not to the names of the other sibling and the father.

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    Leon Mercer

    This is definitely true I can confirm, compared to the default Alec, in my first playthrough with a male Ryder who was white and my sister as an asian with ginger hair that father looked like a guy in his 40’s with slicked back hair and a slightly sagged face, but when I reversed my two Ryders his appearance changed to look asian and retained the slicked back hair yet it turned into a receding hairline, it makes me interested to make even more New Game+’s with new siblings and see what kind of Ryder cocktail I can make, as I just started my second playhthrough I have no idea if it effects Ellen yet but I doubt so.

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