ME Andromeda Conversation Symbols & Choices

Mass Effect Andromeda brings some changes to the gameplay recipe of its predecessors. For one thing, it does away with the old Paragon / Renegade dialogue system. Instead, there’s a more nuanced system of four options, neither of which is necessarily an inherent moral choice. Instead, the Mass Effect Andromeda conversation options primarily serve as an immersive role-playing mechanic.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Conversation Symbols & Choices
Mass Effect Andromeda Conversation Symbols & Choices

One of the central aspects of the Mass Effect series has always been dialogue. The Paradigm system was a key mechanic, as it strongly influenced how other characters would perceive you. Watching your environment react to the kind of person you were acting as meant both deeper immersion and added replayability value. However, the binary Paragon / Renegade dialogue choice system in Mass Effect left something to be desired, since it lacked depth. It’s almost always obvious what you’re choosing, making the experience somewhat black and white.

The Mass Effect Andromeda conversation choices are a little deeper, and not as monochromatic. Instead, there are nuances in your response options that NPCs will react differently to. The choices are no more necessarily “good and evil”, but still have the potential to either endear you to someone or make them hate you. This way, players can form more of a connection with their character and the galaxy that they’re exploring.

Conversation Options in ME Andromeda

  • Emotional – Represented by a heart symbol. Choosing this option prompts a sympathetic, understanding, kind answer from your character. This way, you won’t offend anyone, unless they dislike too much kindness. You can’t please everyone.
  • Logical – The symbol for this tone is a gear. Your character will respond by assessing everything they know, paying no heed to emotions, which may offend some NPCs.
  • Casual – Clicking on the option that has the regular spiral symbol will prompt a lighthearted, relaxed response. It might be jokey, sarcastic, or just generally friendly. This won’t gel with NPCs that have a more reserved approach.
  • Professional – Probably the safest and most vanilla response out of the bunch. The symbol is a “square” spiral, for lack of a better term. Your answer will be polite and strictly business, focused on the mission.

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