Mass Effect Andromeda How to Change Armor & Weapons - Loadout Station Locations

There are dozens of weapons and armor sets in Mass Effect Andromeda. Every piece in your arsenal has a different purpose, and each piece of armor is designed for different conditions. You’ll often want to finely tune your loadout. The problem arises when you try to, since it can’t be done just anywhere. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to change armor & weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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how to change weapons and armor in mass effect andromeda
How to change loadout in Mass Effect Andromeda

How to change loadout in ME: Andromeda

As we’ve already mentioned, you have to be at a specific place in order to swap your gear. It’s called a Loadout Station, and it looks much like a locker. Almost every hub in the game has at least one, including the Tempest. You also get to pick your loadout every time you disembark for a mission, without having to go to a special terminal or anything.

Once you interact with it, you’ll get to choose the weapons you want to equip in each of the slots. You’ll also get the chance to customize your armor. This is also where you choose which companions get to accompany you outside.

Once you’re in the field, however, things change a bit. You can still change your loadout, but you’ll have to look for a Forward Station location. These are marked on your map by SAM’s holographic overlay. Look for the icon that looks like a space pod with legs and a fast-forward symbol. When you get close, you’ll see a blue hologram of the station. All you need to do is approach the mark, and the Forward Station will be sent out from the Tempest. It’s exactly what the icon presents – a small, blue pod. Interact with it, and it’ll let you change your loadout.

ME Andromeda Forward Stations

The Forward Station has many other uses other than just a loadout station. You can fast travel from there (hence the fast-forward sign). Calling down a station will reveal all mining sites nearby. When you visit a Forward Station, you can replenish your health, power cells, life support and shields fully, and also repair the Nomad. Speaking of, you can also call the Nomad when at these locations. In case the planet doesn’t allow you to have the Nomad there, you can instead use the location as an extraction point back to your ship. Finally, most Forward Stations have Sensor Logs, giving you a heads-up on whatever happens in the vicinity.

How to change companion gear

You can’t. Sadly, there’s no way to change squadmate gear – they’re stuck with their starting armor and whichever weapons they choose. Many players are unhappy with this decision, but there’s nothing to be done about it. What you can do, however, is to use the Forward Station to swap squadmates together with your loadout. So, if you find yourself with a crew member that you deem unfit for the mission, head towards the nearest Forward Station.

Forward Station Locations

Every planet has several predetermined locations to which you can call down a Forward Station. SAM and Suvi will automatically mark these places on the map, so you shouldn’t have too many problems locating them.

For example, one of the locations we’ve found so far is on Eos, right at the beginning. Once you touch down at Eos Site 1 and enter the settlement, you’ll see a blue hologram of a Forward Station. You can’t miss it, it’ll be between the Logs Console and the Access Code Datapad, west of the large cargo container, right across from where you start the mission.

There are several more in the vicinity. One is at the end of the man-made trail (or road, if you will); another one is on the south side of the large lake.