Mass effect Andromeda early access time

It certainly is! We are usually used to Early Access being a symbol of crappy Steam asset flips. However, ME: Andromeda is trying to prove everyone wrong. If you are EA/Origin Access holder, you might already be playing this game. For all we know, you might actually be doing that right now! Why are you even reading this?

Peebee Information in Mass Effect Andromeda
“The suspense is killing me. Where do I sign up?”

While the official announcement said the trial begins on March 16, ME: Andromeda fans got the access even earlier – on March 15, 5:30 PM EDT (2:30pm PDT, 9:30pm GMT).

The 10-hour trial allows you to play both a sizable chunk of singleplayer main story (up to 10 hours worth of game), as well as unlimited multiplayer. From what the people who had the chance to check out early versions of the game are saying, we can gather that the game is a bit rough around the edges. There has been, of course, a day one patch announced.

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Watch out for the black screen at launch bug which some players have been having problems with. Turns out there is an issue with the Corsair Utility Engine and it requires uninstallation to fix the problem. For other ways to go around this issue, check here.

If you are getting ready for the pre-loading, be aware that the game on both consoles weighs around 42 GB (that is without the day one patch, which should hit you on the 21st and 23rd, in North America and Europe, respectively).

On another note, the game has already been spoiled by many a spoiler regarding multiplayer, weapons and combat, as well as exploration. If you are still hungry for more, check out the Easter eggs in Andromeda. There is some Normandy (of course), Plants vs Zombies, even SpaceX, the aerospace manufacturing company of Elon Musk fame.

Mass Effect Andromeda, currently in Early Access for EA/Origin Access, and out and about in North America on March 21 and Europe on March 23, on PS4, Xbox One and PCs that are powerful enough.

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