Mass Effect Andromeda Cora Harper and Liam Kosta Profiles

Mass Effect Andromeda released two new profile pages about Cora Harper and Liam Kosta on the official website. Both of them will be your trusted companions as you explore the galaxy. There are a lot of personal details included, even the weight, height and a famous quote. You can check their profiles under the News section of the official Mass Effect Andromeda website HERE.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Cora Harper and Liam Kosta profiles
Mass Effect Andromeda Liam Kosta

Lieutenant Cora Harper is a Spaceborn human, using her Biotic strength to aid the Pathfinder’s mission. She likes to use shotguns in combat, and her favorite ability is the Biotic Charge. We can expect her going into close combat engagements, as well as unleashing powerful biotic powers to devastate her enemies.Her famous quote is:

When your biotics are honed into huntress-grade weapons… people can be weird about it.

Liam Kosta is a crisis response specialist with civilian tactical training. He likes to use his Overclocked Dual Omni blades in close combat, while using the jump jet to move quickly around the battlefield. His favorite ability is called Havoc Strike, leaping forward with his omni blades to stun enemies and prime them for combo detonations. Liam was born in London, England. He’s also an idealist, willing to take risks for the good of the Initiative.His famous quote is:

I believed in a new beginning. Still do. I have to. We’re in it.

As you play through the game, you will get multiple companions that will aid you on your mission and fight side by side with you in combat. You will be able to develop a relationship with each one, and even romance one of them, just like in the previous Mass Effect games. We can definitely expect some great storytelling and memorable characters, which has become a standard for the BioWare developers.

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