Mass Effect: Andromeda Crafting & Renaming Weapons, Dedicated Melee Weapon Slot

Crafting weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda is not something that is a new discovery. On the other hand, crafting a weapon and naming it how ever you please is a pretty cool feature . It gives a personal touch to the element of surviving that weapons pose.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Crafting and Renaming Weapons Dedicated Melee Weapon Slot
Craft and Rename Range and Melee Weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Some interesting names the weapons should be listed as were given as a pro tip by Ian S. Frazier on his Twitter. For example, a Krogan-style hammer named: “Grabthar’s Hammer”. Be sure to follow him on Twitter, as he’s always keen to give us the newest interesting info.

You can expect to see the dedicated melee weapon slot once the game goes live. The weapons that can fit the slot are not scarce. The omni-blade is the first melee weapon that you start the game with. You can decide to keep it, and keep it viable via the upgrading system, or replace it with a new melee weapon using blueprints.

One of the rare people that can play the game is Justin Perez, a senior designer at BioWare. His choice of names led to crafting an Assault Rifle named FAST and a Sniper Rifle named FURIOUS. It feels like everyone is having fun with the crafting system.

Renaming weapons is something that adds to the RPG elements of the game. Can we expect to see something more behind it, like some sort of Easter eggs effects?

Discovering and finding materials for the new crafting blueprints and recipes will for sure turn out to be an interesting section of the game. It adds to the role play segment that makes this type of game so realistic. We can now enjoy discovering ME: Andromeda planets even more with our Tempest and Nomad.

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