Mass Effect: Andromeda | Planets Info, Details and Screenshot Gallery

Mass Effect: Andromeda Planets info offers an informative look on the secluded areas of the universe you’ll get to discover. They offer a one-of-a-kind experience of discovery. This is also the case with the newest Mass Effect title, Andromeda. Some of the planets we’ll get to discover are already shown, and they look amazing.

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Planets Info Mass Effect Andromeda
Planets Info | Mass Effect: Andromeda

All About Planets in Mass Effect: Andromeda

With the latest outbursts of information, we can expect to find out more and more about the planets each day. I hope that the list we’ve made is only a decent glimpse into what we’ll be able to experience once the game is out.

  1. There is no Day / Night Cycle on the planets. You can, however, expect to witness different states of the planets as the story continues.
  2. Each one of the planets represents an open world, with a unique story.
  3. These story worlds hide an adventure waiting to be unraveled by the players. Everything on them servers the purpose of telling a story.
  4. Each planet hides a history that had started way before we got our foot on it.
  5. Some planets offer more gameplay, while others focus on the story.
  6. The planet’s landscape offers a different gameplay experience. You’ll be using the Nomad most of the time on some of them, while going on foot is the only option on others.
  7. Planet size is adjusted to the fact you can drive the Nomad on some of them. If you keep in mind that these vehicles can go more than a 130 miles an hour, you can grasp how large they are. In the footage shown so far, you can also notice the higher levels of atmosphere. It indicates that these planets are not so small.
  8. It is highly unlikely that you’ll be able to run around the entire planet. Conditions on some of them are so harsh that they can damage the ship and the player. This probably presents invisible wall sections.
  9. Michael Gamble was talking briefly about trying to find the right balance for planet sizes. The accent was on creating a planet with right amount of exploration content for the size.

List of the Planets in Mass Effect: Andromeda

With the latest trailers and the new information coming out on a regular basis, we can expect to see more than a few planets we’ve seen so far. The latest planet footage can be found in the official trailers and the screenshots. The one with the most planet shots might be the the oldest one – Andromeda E3 2016 Trailer.

  1. A planet featuring dangerous lava elements. The surface is mainly made out of lava rock. The atmosphere is toxic due to the volcanic gasses.
  2. The large sand planet. Feels like it is made for high-speed chases with the Nomad. This and the planet above in the list can be seen in the Official CES 2017 Trailer.
  3. Kadara – the place more suitable for life than the other two. It seems many other species had the same feeling, so it is rather populated. You can experience things like the rain, green trees and the mushroom looking ones, yellow rocky mountains, rivers, toxic pools, and more. You can see this planet in the Official Gameplay Trailer.
  4. A snowy part of the planet with night that is present almost all the time. This one was revealed on the N7 day. You can spot the Nomad tracks on the ground, implying it’s not a smaller planet.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Planets Screenshot Gallery

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