Mass Effect: Andromeda Day One Patch Confirmed

With Mass Effect: Andromeda going gold, you’d think that the game is in the perfect state. The technology that is available to us allows developers to push the limits even further with the Day One patch. These patches allow a final polishing of the main game, once it goes into production.

Mass Effect Andromeda Day One Patch
Mass Effect: Andromeda Day One Patch Confirmed

Bioware informed the public that the game went gold near the end of February 2017. It means that the game is at the point where it is a final product. It goes to the printing facilities and gets sent out to retailers.

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During time between printing and shipping, the game can undergo some additional changes. It is a period where the developers can locate and solve any hitherto unseen problems, or tweak the systems a bit more. Ian S. Frazier, Lead Designer of Mass Effect: Andromeda, stated that a good portion of the team is still working on the Day One patch.

In the previous interviews, we’ve found out that some of the changes that happen on a daily basis are the key binds. While adding or tweaking the new systems, the importance of some binds becomes more or less prominent. With the game going gold, this portion of the game is certainly in good state.

The things you can expect to see in the Day One patch are various fixes, balance tweaks and polished items. These are things that you can play without to the end of the game, but it is surely nice to have once you start the game.

The size of the Day One patch is unknown at the moment. The extent of the changes will surely affect its volume. If you are planing to play Mass Effect: Andromeda on the PC, be sure to check out if your computer can perform well enough with the given PC System Requirements.

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