Pokemon GO Will Get Three More Major Updates This Year

According to Niantic CEO John Hanke, Pokemon GO will receive three major updates in 2017 on top of the Gen 2 Update. He didn’t reveal what those updates will bring to the game, but the news alone will certainly be enough to excite many trainers.

Pokemon GO Will Get Three More Major Updates This Year
Pokemon GO Will Get Three More Major Updates This Year

The dust surrounding the Pokemon GO Generation 2 update has nowhere near settled yet, and we already know that we can look forward to more this year. During the Mobile World Congress 2017, John Hanke revealed that Niantic Labs are preparing three more major updates for Pokemon GO.

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Hanke didn’t go into any details concerning the updates themselves, but why should that stop us from speculating? Hanke spoke before in interviews about future features that they might bring into the game. He mentioned Pokemon trading and PvP battles, co-op and changing the way Gyms work. Perhaps one or more of those features will see the light of day in the game this year. And considering how successful the new Gen 2 update is, we might even expect something similar in one of the three future updates.

Hanke also talked about the success of Pokemon GO so far. Apparently, Pokemon GO has over 650 million downloads, and trainers have caught over 88 billion Pokemon total so far. Also, players have downloaded a total of 44 petabytes of mobile data. The figures certainly are impressive.

We can probably look forward to more seasonal events and holiday celebrations, as well. These happenings are always fun and allow players to earn plenty of extra experience and items, as well as catch rarer Pokemon. The current event is Pokemon Day, celebrating the twenty-first anniversary of Pokemon. The hook here is catching a special limited Pikachu with a party hat. To find out more about the event, you can check out our article on the Pokemon GO Pokemon Day celebration.

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