Red Dead Redemption is coming to PC…in a GTA mod

“Never say never, unless you’re talking about Red Dead Redemption on PC”, the old saying goes. Well, there is the Playstation Now, but that would mean streaming a PS3 game, without any way to improve it. Which is what modders do, and now a group of modders are trying to do the impossible – bring Red Dead Redemption’s map into the world of GTA 5.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 New Trailer
Until you ride out in Read Dead Redemption 2, this mod might be your only chance to play RDR on PC.

Not quite what everyone wanted, right? Well, the brave modders never promised more, to tell the truth. It is still unclear whether there will be any actual gameplay elements transferred from the actual game. Still, having in mind GTA 5 and its crazy modding community, who knows what we can expect. Perhaps someone will mod in some cowboy outfits and get some horses going, so people can do shootouts. Arrange High Noon LARP, that kind of thing. Can you do LARP in a game? One could argue you already are, if you’re playing multiplayer.

The team are planning to have the beta out and about in the summer. It will be based on the Xbox 360 version of the game and feature graphic improvements, such as shaders, Parallax Occlusion Mapping and Tessellation. They even plan to increase the size of some maps. In total the size should be around 2GB for this mod.

Currently, the main issue the modders are dealing with is the lack of programmers who are able to reverse-engineer file formats. We certainly hope they get all the help they can for this worthy cause.

If they do hit the summer 2017 window, it will be the perfect time. Red Dead Redemption 2 should be out some time in the fall of 2017. It has been announced for PS4 and Xbox One. Let us hope that it will follow GTA V’s example and come out for PC too!