Mass Effect: Andromeda bug does what BioWare failed to do: “adds” another male-male romance option

What is better than a scripted, planned gay romance option? A completely haywire accidental one – and it is exactly what happened with the hilarious new bug in Mass Effect Andromeda.

We wrote about all the various romance options in the game. If nothing else, BioWare has done right by their fans in this area, although it does leave something to be desired, for example a long awaited Krogan romance option is still not there. There is quite a number of people who are into match-making in these games and Andromeda has managed to pair up almost everyone and everything from the crew. One thing, however, was not in the cards – male Ryder and Liam Kosta. Of course, Internet would be half as fun if someone hadn’t found a bug where they – well, you can see for yourself in the video above.

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No one is quite sure what and how this happened, but it seems to have been triggered by skipping through the conversation very quickly. It seems to have stirred some until then unknown desires in the couple. After all, Liam is a very beautiful man, right Scott?

The most recent patch, 1.06, did do a serious facelift on the janky animations of the game, especially in the first few hours, which, some might argue, is crucial, as the game really opens up a little later and is quite a slog in the beginning. The patch also added some bonuses for the owners of Deluxe and Super Deluxe Editions.

Whether BioWare will be adding any more content to the game is currently questionable. The team behind Mass Effect: Andromeda has been reassigned to help out with other projects of the company, which is not a very good sign. The company still professes its dedication to keeping Mass Effect alive, however, but the future is a bit darker for those wanting more of the popular space opera.

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