Surge Power Plant - Turn on the Lights for Easier Exploring

The Surge, being an action RPG with plenty of Dark Souls influences, has its share of difficult sections. One such section is the Power Plant, which is very dark. Luckily, players have found a way to turn on the Power Plant lights and make it at least somewhat easier to explore.

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Surge Power Plant - Turn on the Lights for Easier Exploring
Surge Power Plant – Turn on the Lights for Easier Exploring

The Power Plant can be a challenging part of The Surge, mainly due to the fact that it’s almost pitch black. Fortunately, there’s ways to overcome this. Before you even think of going down there, you’ll probably want to equip your exo-suit with lights, for one. However, to make it even easier, there’s a way to turn on the lights in the Power Plant, as some players have discovered.

Your first order of business is to descend all the way down the stairs from the entrance into the Power Plant and into the darkness. There will be enemies all along the way, so be careful. You’ll find yourself in a sizable room. You’ll be on a catwalk of sorts, with yellow banisters. There’s nothing on the left, but you should be able to spot a doorway on the right, so make your way over there.

Once inside the next room, head down the stairs on the right and prepare yourself for a tricky battle. The enemy below is strong and fast, and it wields a dual-rigged Yosuke Butterfly. The enemy will run for you immediately, so be on your toes and dodge the attack, then land a couple of your own. Make note of how fast your adversary is, so make sure to leave enough room for yourself to dodge again. Then rinse and repeat a couple of times, and the battle shouldn’t be that much of an issue.

After the battle, all that’s left is for you to head over to the green triangle on the wall and overcharge the electrical grid. The lights will go back on, and you’ll be free to explore the Power Plant with much less eye strain. You can check out the video below if you need more info.

If a sci-fi Souls-like action RPG sounds like something up your alley, you can now get The Surge on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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