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Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer N7 Day 2016 reveal is something that EA has teased us with for a while. The trailer takes us hundreds of years from now, to 2185. It shows the Hyperion space ship taking its crew through the galaxy.

Hyperion is a part of the Andromeda initiative program. According to the official page, some of the information is as follows.
Privately funded and operating independently from the Systems Alliance, the Initiative’s mandate is to make a 600-year journey to the Andromeda galaxy in hopes of establishing a new home world. This impending galactic journey represents the most ambitious undertaking of any Milky Way race to date…
Shortly after the first couple of Hyperion shots, we see the crew tossed around the ship, by what feels like an unexpected occurrence. This is all narrated by the veteran voice actor Clancy Brown. The famous US actor, who acted in movies like: The Shawshank Redemption (1994), Starship Troopers (1997) and more, also has his mark in game industry. You can hear him as Lex Luthor in Justice League.

All the unfortunate in-ship events lead to a point where we see a crew member, laying in dirt on an unknown planet. All topped off with an unknown voice saying: “Welcome Back”. In a fast paste of short cutscenes we can notice several things. The crew member inside or close to some kind of ship. The planets scenery and climate, the nearby planet contours, a speeding space ship flying over the crew member head.

There is also a view of the three-person squad in front of the new land vehicle. This vehicle is called Nomad RC Vehicle. You can even buy this 1:18 scale version for 200$. It is officially licensed by BioWare and EA. It has fully articulated suspension, six wheel drive, and it’s app controlled using a smart device, with functioning LEDs and built-in camera. It also includes a limited edition SteelBook case. Check out this and other bonuses in our Mass Effect Andromeda Editions & Preorder Bonuses Revealed News.

The new planet shows its harsh elements, like the monster and the windy climate. A female voice called our surviving crew member a new pathfinder. The trailer goes deeper into the story as we see a new alien race, other survived crew members, a gravity well and more.

Th sentence “I… have a bad feeling” makes things even worse. We see new technology, delve deeper into the conflict between races and a lot more explosions. The ending of the trailer is not in favor of our crew members.

There was another trailer release just several days before this one. It is titled as Join the Andromeda Initiative.

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