Mass Effect Andromeda Trial Update Fixes Technical Issues

As you may have noticed, the Mass Effect Andromeda trial is having its fair share of technical issues. The developers are working on making it better, however. Bioware has released a new ME: Andromeda trial update today. The hefty patch fixes things like the black screen issue, the audio problems and more.

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mass effect andromeda trial update
Mass Effect Andromeda Trial Update

ME: Andromeda trial patch

Weirdly enough, the devs aren’t releasing patch notes or making a big thing out of it. We found out about the update thanks to players, who started reporting a 550 MB download on Origin, which unpacked to nearly 1 GB in size. The only official word on the contents of the patch come from producer Fernando Melo, who tweeted the following:

The black screen issue is definitely the most common problem people have been having with the trial, and it’s great to see it won’t make it into the final game. The patch should also fix sound problems in multiplayer, and the function keys not working as intended. There’s obviously much more to it, at least if we consider the size.

If you were experiencing any kind of error in Mass Effect Andromeda, you should download the update, so you can continue playing the trial. If only they’d release something to address the facial animations, eh?

The game is going to be released in the US tomorrow, on March 21st. The rest of the world will have to wait until March 23rd. There’s still time for a quick fix here and there, and it seems like Bioware will polish it as much as they can in that time frame. The reviews have already started pouring in, so you can see what the critics though of it. Combined with the 10 hours of trial, you should be able to make an informed purchasing decision.

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