Mass Effect Andromeda Review Roundup

Mass Effect Andromeda is the newest sci-fi RPG from Bioware and published by Electronic Arts. It’s set several hundred years after the original trilogy. The game is about to come out, but the embargo has been lifted, so you can find out what the critics think. We present you a round up of ME: Andromeda reviews to help you decide whether you would like to pick the game up.

Mass Effect Andromeda Review Roundup
Mass Effect Andromeda Review Roundup

Mass Effect Andromeda Reviews

The much-anticipated and long-awaited new game in the Mass Effect franchise is set a few hundred years after the original trilogy, though it begins between parts 2 and 3. You play as one of the Ryder twins. You’re a Pathfinder, whose task is to find a new home for the inhabitants of the Milky Way in the Andromeda Galaxy (the Helius Cluster, more specifically). OF course, the six hundred year long journey doesn’t all go as planned, and plenty more problems arise on arrival. It’s your task to clean all the messes up with your team.

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The game will come out on several dates, because that’s still a thing. Depending on your region, you’ll be able to buy it somewhere between March 20th and 23rd. You can check out our article on Mass Effect Andromeda release dates for more info on when the game unlcoks where you live.

The reviews are out, and they’re generally positive. However, they do fall somewhat short of the immense hype that has been surrounding the game so far. While the game does get praise, most critics agree that the wonky character animations and writing, bugs and a clumsy UI can be major hindrances in enjoying the game. Most range from 6 to 8, which is a fairly wide window, meaning that the opinions are at least slightly split. The consensus, however, seems to be that it’s a pretty good game that still fails to meet the very high expectations that its predecessors set. Here are the reviews.

Hopefully, this will give you some idea on whether or not you should buy Mass Effect Andromeda. Either way, what it ultimately boils down to is your own opinion. If you want to, you’ll certainly have a go at it, and see for yourself.

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