New Mass Effect Andromeda Details

While preparing the content for the December issue, the Game Informer crew got to talk to Bioware developers. They also had the chance to see the opening hour of Mass Effect Andromeda, which led them to some pretty interesting insight. Here are the new Mass Effect Andromeda details we’ve found out from their time at Bioware Montreal.

mass effect andromeda new details
Most of the stuff we’ve learned from their podcast concerns the story, but there are also some bits of info about the mechanics and characters. Here’s what we found out:
  • There will be no paragon/renegade system like in the previous games. There will be choices, but they won’t be counted in the same way.
  • It will be more open world than before, geared towards exploration.
  • There will be four Arks with different species, because each has different nutritient and atmospheric needs – human, asari, salarians, turians.
  • The launching of the Arks happens between the second and third game. The landing happens 600 years later.
  • One of the companions was unveiled. His name is Liam, and he’s a human from your Ark. He’ll join you near the beginning.
  • While leveling up, there will be a web of abilities to choose from with seven specialisations. The usual class system won’t be present. You’ll have different abilities available from the start, and you’ll get to choose how to develop your character.
  • You will be able to respec. There’s one Pathfinder on each ark – on the human Ark, it’s your dad. They have the ability to reset skills. After you’ve become one yourself, you’ll get the option as well.
  • The developers kept mentioning the “Ryder family mystery”. No word on what’s that about yet, but we at least know there is one.
  • The default names for the protagonists are Sarah and Scott Ryder. You’ll be able to change their names, as well as customize their looks. Their dad’s look will also be customizable.
  • The siblings’ story is going to develop through the game, the one you don’t choose to lead won’t be left behind. They’re going to be a major character in the game.
  • There will be a little more differences in the world depending on your choice of gender.
  • Loyalty missions will be optional – you won’t have to complete them, and they won’t affect the ending.
  • Your companions will chat while riding in the Nomad.
  • There are dangers on the planets you’ll explore. For example, it’s too hot on one planet, so you’ll have to skulk in the shadows, since direct exposure will hurt you.
  • The developers are trying to create truly dangerous wildlife, which would fight the aliens as well as your team.
  • Companions can’t be killed in battle. Whether some of them can die as part of the story, we don’t know.
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