Mass Effect Andromeda New Game Plus Carryovers

Mass Effect Andromeda is a bit of a polarizing phenomenon with audiences and critics alike. While some praise the gameplay while lambasting the inconsistent quality of the visuals, others like the game’s look but consider the combat boring and the UI clumsy. One thing is for certain – the game is huge and there’s a lot to do. This includes the New Game Plus, and many are wondering what carries over in Mass Effect Andromeda New Game +. We’re here to answer.

Mass Effect Andromeda New Game Plus Carryovers - Levels, Skill Points, Powers & More
Mass Effect Andromeda New Game Plus Carryovers – Levels, Skill Points, Powers & More

Unlocking New Game + in ME: Andromeda & Carryovers

As you’d expect, you can’t access New Game Plus right of the bat. You have to complete all of the Priority Ops quest chains first. Once you finish that up, New Game Plus should unlock. Save the game with all Priority Ops completed, go to the Main Menu screen and select New Game. If all is well, you’ll have the option to select “New Game +” in the menu.

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Selecting New Game + will, of course, begin a new game. This time around, however, you’ll be able to access some stuff already during character creation. All of your levels, skill points and powers will carry over from your first playthrough, so you can use them all right from the get-go to customize your Ryder character. Other things that you’ll retain are credits, research data and almost all non-mission items.

However, you won’t get to keep items that you got in special missions. There are some other unlockables and other things that you might have gotten on your way that will reset. For example, you won’t get to keep your Codex entries and unlocked Cryo Pods. It goes without saying that all of your mission progress and choices that you’ve made will be lost.

Mass Effect Andromeda hasn’t yet come out everywhere, but everyone will be able to play it from March 23rd. You can get it for the Pc, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you’re having trouble with and/or in the game, feel free to check out our Mass Effect Andromeda guides.

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  1. J

    Does this mean that you will also be able to keep all your weapons and blueprints?

    1. D

      Yes all weapons and blueprints are kept

  2. B
    Bethesda fan girl

    What about crafting materials, do they carry over or should they all he sold right before ng+.

    1. B
      Bethesda fan girl

      Be sold, not he sold. Darn typos.

  3. W

    The problem I’m having is that if you had the inventory upgrades, they don’t carry over. So if you have no room for anything, which really sucks.

  4. S
    Sean McClelland

    My question is will I be able to use the New Game Plus on my already created second character or is New Game Plus recommended for people who just have finished one character

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