Mass Effect Andromeda stats – what do they mean and do?

Mass Effect Andromeda has been up for a rough start and a lot of the players are complaining about bugs, especially when it comes to facial and body animations. Still, if you scrape a little harder beneath the surface, there is a game worth playing, and here are the stats that mean the difference between survival and death in the cold, cold space.

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Accuracy: It is probably self-explanatory, but the “spread range” of your weapon is how precise it is, and it is based on your accuracy.

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Stability: How recoil-resistant you are. Accuracy is affected by stability stat as well.

Penetration Damage: Piercing damage, done through cover, lesser impact than normal.

Shotgun Pellet Spread Reduction: Focusing shotgun pellets to hit a smaller area, causing more damage and increasing distance.

Damage Over Time: The effects that cause damage are applied per second, for as long as they are active. If an effect is active for 1 second, and Damage Over Time is 50, the total damage is 50.

Radius: For those used to RPG terms, this is the Area of Effect of an ability, which is calculated in meters.

Damage Resistance: Another easily deducible stat, basically how much damage your character takes depending on your DR level (diminishes after DR 100) and it is not applicable to shields.

Force: How much an attack or a specific power can knock you back, physically.

Recharge Speed: Recharge time before the power can be used again, decreased by the weapon encumbrance.

Health Threshold: Some effects are triggered after your health drops to a certain level. This is the stat covering that level.

Power Restoration and Defense: Your healing and buffs, including protective powers (Backlash) are affected by this stat.

Health and Shield Delay Reduction: Upon taking damage, your health and shields will need some time to regenerate. This depends on Health and Shield Delay Reduction stat.

Power Cost Shield Reduction: Certain powers (Shield-Powered Lance, for example) consume shield, and this stat helps reduce this.

This might be a bit too much info at once, but take it easy. Regardless of its issues, Mass Effect Andromeda will be with us for quite some time. If you ever need help, our extensive list of guides is always there for you.

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