NBA 2K17 New Moments Challenge DeMar DeRozan

NBA 2K17 released a brand new Moments challenge featuring DeMar DeRozan. He made an amazing performance against the Boston Celtics, leading an incredible comeback victory. He managed to score 31 of his 41 points just in second half of the game. He finished the game with 41 points, 13 rebounds and 2 steals. You can check the full challenge details below :

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NBA 2K17 New Moments Challenge DeMar DeRozan
Moments Challenge featuring DeMar DeRozan
  • You must use some version of DeMar DeRozan in your lineup. At the moment, there are five different versions of his card. The worst version comes with an 80 overall, but it comes with a dynamic duo feature with Kyle Lowry. They will both get a nice boost to their stats if they are together on the court.If you use the USA Men’s National Team version of DeMar DeRozan, it will also feature a duo option, but this time, it’s with Paul George.The best version is set to 89 overall, with some great stats to mid-range, inside scoring and Athleticism.
  • The reward for this challenge is 4000 MT.
  • You will start in the third quarter of the game, the goal is to score 31 points with DeMar Derozan and win the game.
  • Difficulty is set to All-Star
  • You can freely set DeMar Derozan as a point guard and run plays. Make use of his amazing mid-range game and athleticism. Run pick and rolls or even some isolation plays for some easy baskets. Consider going for the post fade-way if the defender is smaller.
  • Even the best version of his card has open shot 3-pt shooting set to 73 and Contested shot 3-pt to only 59. It’s much better to avoid 3-point shooting and focus on the mid-range game to avoid empty possessions.
  • Equip shoes that will grant you increased stats in the shooting category if you are having problems with the challenge.
  • DeRozan possesses an amazing dunking ability, make use of it for some athletic dunks.
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