Mass Effect Andromeda Sleeping Dragons Side Quest - What to do with Nexus Protestors

Sleeping Dragons is a side quest you can take on in ME: Andromeda. It involves protesters on the Nexus, unhappy about the fact their family members weren’t awoken from stasis when Eos was being colonized. After you get a good view of the situation, you’ll get to choose how to deal with them. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Mass Effect Andromeda Sleeping Dragons side quest, what to do with protestors.

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mass effect andromeda sleeping dragons side quest
What to do with protestors in ME: Andromeda

What to do with protestors on the Nexus

You’ll find the protestors in the common area of the Nexus after you’ve made an outpost on Eos. They’ll be in the hydroponics area. Speak with them, and they’ll air their grievances. It turns out they’re unhappy because of your choice on Eos (no matter whether you chose military or scientific). Their family members were next in line for unfreezing, but your choice bumped them down the list. They’ll send you to talk to Kandros.

Kandros is in Operations, by the Strike Mission terminal. If you don’t speak with him, it will be like you chose to ignore the protestors, which will land them in jail eventually. Talk to him, and he’ll arrange a meeting with Director Tann, Addison and Kesh. The conversation with them will present the other side of the argument. They claim the Initiative isn’t in the position to support any additional colonists at this point, and think this matter should be dealt with with a firm hand.

As you near the end of the conversation, you’ll have to choose what to do with protestors. There are two options, without any larger consequences – they won’t affect the main story in any way. You can choose:

  • You’re right. End the protest. – This one will let you accompany Kandros when he makes the arrest.
  • No. The protestors are right. – This one will allow you to pull the protestors’ family members out of stasis. You’ll also get some AVP in the process.