ME: Andromeda How to Unlock Combat Drone - Remnant VI

Remnant VI is a battle drone you can unlock in Mass Effect Andromeda. Unlocking it also reveals a new Tech Skill of the same name. To get Remnant VI, you have to complete a part of Peebee’s loyalty mission, “Peebee: Secret Project”. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Remnant VI combat drone in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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ME Andromeda How to Unlock Combat Drone - Remnant VI
ME Andromeda How to Unlock Combat Drone – Remnant VI

How to Get Remnant VI Battle Drone in Peebee Loyalty Mission

You have to complete several steps in order to unlock the Remnant VI drone and skill tree. The first step is to activate all three monoliths on Eos and finish the Remnant Vault. After that, go and have a chat with Peebee in the Escape Pod area on board the Tempest. She’ll tell you about her secret project. When you complete these steps, check your email and look for the one titled “Rem-tech” to unlock the next step in the quest chain.

The email tells you that you need to go to Voeld and fetch some Rem-tech from a Remnant site. The game will give you a navpoint so that you can find it more easily. The site is guarded by Remnant machines, so don’t let your guard down. You’ll then have to solve a Remnant puzzle. If you’re having problems with those, check out our Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant Decryption Solutions guide. Talk to Peebee again in the Escape Pod room.

Peebee Secret Project Rem-Tech Puzzle Location ME Andromeda

The final step is to go back to the Nexus and visit Peebee in her apartment. Head to the first floor from the docking bay, turn left and go down the corridor. Peebee’s place is the last door on the right. You’ll have to talk to her once more, and the dialogue will reveal a tidbit about her past. Once you finish the whole sequence, you’ll unlock Remnant VI power under the Tech Skills.

How to unlock unknown tech power

The Remnant VI Tech Powers pretty much revolve around making your combat drone more resilient and able to do more damage. This skill is very useful for a full Tech build. Here are the different powers that you can unlock.

  • Rank 1: Remnant VI
    Deploys the Remnant VI, which can repair itself, cloak when badly damaged, and fire a laser beam at enemies. Tap the button to activate and target an enemy, hold the button to deactivate. It’s base health is 500, it can do 60 dps, and the cooldown time is 24.
  • Rank 2: Durability
    +15% VI Health
  • Rank 3: Beam Damage
    +15% VI Beam Damage
  • Rank 4: Expedited Repairs or Recharge Speed
    +40% VI Health Regen & +30% VI Health Regen Delay Reduction or +40% Recharge Speed
  • Rank 5: Focus Module or Close Combat Module
    +30% Beam Damage or +100% VI Health
  • Rank 6: Detonating Missiles or Electric Beam
    Missile Damage 90, Damage Radius (m): 2.5, Frequency (s): 10 or Shield Damage Bonus 25%, Synthetic Damage Bonus 15%, Stun Duration (s): 1
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